How to Start 2019 the Right Way

Start 2019 the Right Way

A new year is hopeful and we start it with excitement and a renewed sense of our ability and what we might be able to accomplish. It’s important to figure out the best way to start the year off right and give you self the best possible chance to make it what you want it to be.


Hopefully you worked on your 2019 goals and have worked out your plan to achieve them.


What else can you do to make sure 2019 exceeds your expectations?


Review – Learn from the past by reviewing 2018 – what worked, what didn’t. What are you carrying over to get done in 2019?  How can you learn from you past mistakes and successes? Be honest and take a hard look.


Goals – Review your goals making sure they’re specific and what you want to accomplish. Your goals should focus on what you truly want. Not what someone wants for you. And remember it’s important that your goals be: S.M.A.R.T which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive.

If you haven’t created your goals for 2019, take time this week and work on them. Review our December 14 post on goal setting.


Money – so many of our goals have to do with money – buying a home, investment, retiring, etc.

So what things can you do to boost your financials: Do you have a budget including a plan to save; Review your personal debt situation and if it’s required – set up a payment plans to rid yourself of debt, school loan debt can be difficult but you should look into loan repayment locations to speed that along and some jobs have their own programs.  If you haven’t, make this the year that you start your retirement account and if you have one, consider increasing your contributions.


Health – it’s easy to ignore our health unless something is wrong. A few tweaks can make a huge difference: Get more sleep; try mediation for stress release, exercise 4-5 days week and eat 5 fruits and veggies daily. Just these few things can help you be healthier.



Fun – all work and no play makes a very unhappy person. Take time for yourself this year. Plan a vacation or some long weekends and get away. Time away re-energizes you and makes you better.

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Happy New Year and Tips to Start the New Year On a Positive Note

Happy New Year!

A new year offers a new start. Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2019.



For the New Year, be the positive force. Being positive and optimistic can bring you a lot of success, both professionally and personally.  It’s so much easier to work with a upbeat person then working with someone who is full of negativity. Rise above the drama.  Be someone who stays positive.


Think, do, be positive


1. Positive people don’t just have a good day – they make it a good day

2. Positive people let go of the past and look forward to creating new memories.

3. Positive people look at all the possibilities and not look at what could’ve been.

4. Positive people have fears, but they don’t let them interfere with their lives.

5. Positive people have contagious smiles.

6. Positive people are great to work with.

7. Positive people feel secure within their own soul and body.

8. Positive people don’t quit, they may let something go, but its for their own good reasons.


“When you change your thoughts, you change your world.”

— Norman Vincent Peale

Happy New Year!


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“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

Charles Dickens


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.”
— Helen Keller

AVA Search Group wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!



Set Goals Not Resolutions!

2019 is only a few weeks away and the tradition of making resolutions will begin. Don’t fall into the trap.

The problem with resolutions is that they fade, usually pretty fast. You know the – I’m going to lose weight results in a couple of weeks at the gym and then not much else. We’ve all done it.


Set goals instead.


Aristotle said:    “First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.”



Setting goals require a result, something you can achieve realistically. It’s specific, measured and targeted. And if you do it right it will include an actionable plan to get there.



Here are some easy steps to guide you to set goals and achieving them.


Focus on just a few

Instead of creating a list of 10 or more goals, choose 2 or 3 goals that are the most important to you and that you want to accomplish. Focus on those 2-3 goals only. By focusing on a smaller number, you will be more successful because you’re giving it your all and not letting yourself get distracted. And remember  goals require steps along the way to achieve. It could be a job you have always wanted, climbing a mountain or maybe buying a house.


Set a timeline.

Set specific markers that you need to meet in order to achieve the goal. What needs to happen before this goal is accomplished? Do you need additional continuing education? Do you need to find a higher salary to save for a house? Figure out what steps need to be met in order to accomplish your goal.


Write it all down.

This is a very important step. It is great to have an idea or a dream, but until you write it down it is less tangible. Once it is written down it tends to become more real and you are more adept to reach the small steps to get you to your big goal. Write down the steps, make commitments to help you along the way, sign up for classes or contact a realtor. Make those steps into actionable items.


Stick with it.

If you are training for a marathon, you don’t just run for a month and you’re ready. No, you train for months while you keep increasing your running time and stamina. You continue to work at it.  More often than not, people set a goal and begin with amazing strides but after time they lose momentum. The little steps and goals along the way are vital to keep you engaged.


Visualize it

There is research that says visualizing works that seeing the possibility can help you achieve it. Athletes use the technique of visualization and so can you. Take a few minutes every day seeing that goal accomplished. How does it feel? What changes because of your success? Having a picture on your phone to check can help keep the goal fresh for you.


Do something daily.

Do your best to try and do something that is aimed at your goal, and keep track. This is a daily reminder of your end game and it is also a tangible thing that you can touch daily to keep you on task and stop you from giving up.


Most importantly, don’t ever give up on yourself or your goals.  No matter how crazy or outrageous they may seem, you could very well be the person who changes the world!



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How To Be More Productive During the Holidays

Holidays are busy times and we’re all looking for ways to get more done and be more productive. Shopping, parties, family dinners and of course – work. How to get it all done?

Follow these tips to make your productivity soar:

Figure out when you’re at your best – I’m a morning person, so I work on my more difficult tasks earlier in the day. If you’re better later in the day, save your tough work for that time. You will have more success and get more done doing the hard stuff when you’re at your best and most alert. On the reverse, don’t waste your best time doing mundane things like emails, etc. Use your most alert time to be more creative and productive.


Stop multi-tasking – our brains don’t like multitasking and we need to stop. There are countless studies proving that it actually affects our IQ! Giving up multitasking will make you more productive. Trying to do two or three things at once means you’re getting very little done. Multitasking wastes time. It’s faster to work and concentrate on one thing, finish it and then start another. Your brain will thank you.


np santa hat

Take a break – most of us sit at our desks and forget to take a break. Ten or fifteen minutes away from your desk will re-energize you and boost your productivity. Breaks improve your focus and concentration. Talk to friend, take a walk or enjoy a cup of tea, something other than working for a few minutes can make a difference in you being productive.


Work in blocks – People who work in blocks of 60 – 90 minutes tend to be more productive researchers have found. It’s easier to focus and get your work done.


Take care of yourself – Exercise, getting enough sleep and healthy eating habits can make a difference. Also being upbeat, optimistic are solid ways to take care of yourself. If you’re feeling good and are healthy, being productive is easier to accomplish.


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Happy Thanksgiving


We wish you and your family and friends a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.


“An Attitude of Gratitude Brings Great Things” — Yogi Bhajan





Aristotle said – Happiness depends upon ourselves.


Glass half full verse glass half empty. It’s not what happens to us in life that determines our happiness as much as how we react to what happens.


You lose your job, instead of freaking out, you choose to go out to dinner with friends and celebrate your new life.


Life doesn’t always go the way we want but it’s how we choose to deal with it that makes all the difference. Do we choose to be happy or not?


Being happy and staying happy takes work. It can be a challenge when things are going badly to find something good. You have to be determined.

Keys to happiness – here are some things happy people do:

• They look for good, instead of finding the bad.
• They dream big!
• They take care of themselves – eat well and exercise.
• They have an attitude of gratitude – be grateful for everything.
• They don’t dwell on the little things, the small stuff.
• They have good friends – upbeat, optimistic people.


Being happy is hard work. It a decision you make. You don’t arrive at happiness like a destination; it’s all around you. You just have to choose to see it.


Life is short. Each of us has to decide to make the most of what we have.


An Indian guru said – “I will give you the secret. If you want to be happy – BE HAPPY!”


Let’s all do just that…. Be Happy.


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Best Ways to Job Hunt During the Holidays

November and December are hectic holiday months and most job seekers put their search on hold. Don’t fall for the – it’s a bad time of year to interview myth. Get your resume in front of employers. Recruiters and hiring managers are in a rush to get their jobs filled before the end of the year so they’re fully staffed in January.


Despite the challenges of the season, job hunting during the holidays can be successful because employers are hiring.  Your competition might put their search on hold, meaning fewer candidates in the mix and gives you a better chance. While they’re not looking, you should push your search harder and take advantage of the candidate lull of November and December.

So what can you do be find a new job during the holidays? Try these tips:


Use the holiday mood to your advantage and network – Connect (or reconnect) with associates and friends on LinkedIn and Facebook and see how they’re doing and let them let know you’re searching for a new opportunity.


Stay Focused – it’s easy to get distracted but stay organized and focused. Be sure to track your resume submits, interviews, follow-up and thank you notes. And remember people tend to be in a better mood so use that when you contact them.


Be flexible – you might have to accommodate hiring managers and recruiters busy schedules because of holiday vacations, parties and meetings. So be flexible and prepared to interview when they ask.


Holiday events and parties – are fun and excellent for networking. They are great times to meet new people and network. The holiday is a good ice breaker. However, be careful not to make your job search all that you talk about. Connect with people on a personal level that makes all the difference.



Reach out to Recruiters – maybe you contacted a recruiter back in the fall or late summer but haven’t been in contact recently, drop them an email or send a holiday card. Remind them about you and what you’re looking for. This contact might result in a phone call and information about a new position.


The Basics – not matter what time of the year – a well written resume is always vital to standing out and moving forward in the hiring process. If you choose to send a cover letter, be sure it’s sells your skills and why you’re a good choice. And be sure you social media footprint is professional.


The holiday season is excellent time to job hunt. Stay positive and upbeat and enjoy the advantage.

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Holiday Season and Work – How to Survive

Halloween is over and Holiday Season is upon us. The next 40 days are a mix of getting ready for Thanksgiving; eating ourselves into a coma and then the crazy busy rush to Hanukkah (12/2- 12/10) and Christmas (12/25). There are all those parties and cookies. Lots of cookies. I’m tired just writing about it.


And in-between all this merriment you have to work and work hard. Buckling down isn’t easy but we have work to do. Patients and our colleagues need us to be focused. You have to fight your instinct to search online for that item on sale, find a new recipe or check to see if your favorite holiday flick is coming on.  So how do you enjoy over these next 40 days days of festivities while keeping your mind focused on your work?


Here are 5 ideas to get through the next 40 days and enjoy your holiday season:


Plan – having a plan can make a world of difference. It’s easier to balance it all when you know what’s coming. So create a list with everything you’ll need to do – work schedule, parties (office and personal), cooking, shopping, finding new recipes, cleaning, all of it!  Then get out your calendar update it with all that will need to be done.



Time off – put in your request early for time off. Bosses want to give people the time off they need, so be sure you ask for in advance and don’t want until the last minute. Use your time off to decompress and relax, even if it’s only for a few hours. Use your plan to get as much done so you have some time for yourself.


np santa hatBe Flexible

You might need to work extra shifts to cover holidays. And more people seem to get sick during the holidays, so you might see more patients in a day. Be flexible. Remember your work day and your holidays won’t be perfect. Another way to help you get over these extra hours is to view them as helping someone make their holiday season better. If you have to work Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can rearrange your holiday with your family or make your family dinner a brunch or the following day.


Take care of yourself – it’s a hectic time and eating well and taking care of ourselves gets forgotten. It’s easy to overeat, not exercise and stay up too late. You’re going to cheat but mix it with some clean healthy eating. Something that works for me is to have a piece of fruit or a small salad before a party which helps me eat a little less and be less guilty when I enjoy that piece of cake. And stay on schedule and get at least seven hours of sleep. Sleep keeps your energized and better able to handle the stress. And don’t forget to exercise. Try and do something at least five days a week – a short walk or twenty pushup, doing a few minutes is better than nothing at all.


Be Grateful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes. Being grateful makes your outlook better and makes you happier. As Providers you see that for some people it isn’t. Your kindness, empathy and knowledge can make a difference to your patients and you benefit as well. Be grateful that as a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant to you get to make a difference.


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Volunteering – Giving Back and Feeling Good!

With most of us working 40+ hours weekly, finding ways to relieve stress is important. One great way is volunteering and  giving back to your community. And the interesting thing, is that volunteering can help you at work. It can improve your health, increase your passion and make you feel good.


Volunteering can have an amazing affect in your community and for you. It makes you feel happier and increases your self-confidence. There have been studies to prove this happiness effect.


The London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and found the more people volunteered, the happier they were.


Additional benefits include: you might make some new friends, learn a new skill or even advance your career. You just never know what can happen from giving a few hours of your time each month.

How do you decide where to volunteer?

For me it was easy, I had a beautiful sweet golden retriever and she became the perfect therapy dog.


The choices for you are endless – find something that interest you: schools, senior centers, community centers, museums, theaters, libraries, animal shelters and rescue organizations, service organizations, places of worship, veteran and military organizations just to name a few.


Volunteer Match is one site that can help you find opportunities in your area. There are other online sources to help as well. And with the holidays approaching there always opportunities to help.


myla and penny reading 2

Pictured: Penny our office mascot is a regular volunteer with Adrienne. Here’s she’s participating in a reading program at one of the Clearwater libraries. The two also visit an assisted living community every Friday at lunchtime.


If you love it, you will keep going back! So get out there and see how you can help in your community. Enjoy.