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Ways to Reduce Work Stress During These Stressful Times

Life during a pandemic can be stressful. Working daily with patients only adds to that stress. Anxiety and fear can overwhelm you. Following the rules of social distancing, staying at home can make you feel isolated. All of these things can add to your stress level and cause burnout. Figuring out ways to cope with all these emotions will help you and those around you.


Try these tips to help make your day less stressful:

  1. Sleep – Starting your day after a good night’s sleep is a great beginning. Getting a full 8 hours of sleep at night can make a real difference.
  2. Stay connected – Phone conversations, chats, video calls – stay in touch with friends and family. Six feet apart doesn’t have to mean you can’t see the people who matter to you. Reach out and connect you will feel better.
  3. Exercise – Regular exercise is important, shoot for 20-30 minutes daily. Be creative, changes things around but get your body moving daily. Exercise is good for the mind and the body!
  4. Eat lunch (not at your desk) – A healthy balanced lunch helps you keep your blood sugar level which keeps your energy up. Overall, try and eat as healthy as you can.
  5. Walk away and take a break – Not taking a few breaks during the day hurts more than helps. You might think you’re being a trooper but you’re not. Working too long can affect your ability to concentrate. So walk away and if you can get some fresh air.
  6. Inhale – Taking a few deep breaths can calm you and releases stress. Just inhale and hold for a second or two, then exhale through your nose. Slow and steady.
  7. Music – Music soothes you. Create a playlist of calming, happy tunes to listen to while at work and at home. Wonderful way to feel good.
  8. Meditation – Finally mediation is sure fire way to cope with stress. Slow down your thoughts. Try one of the many apps to help you learn the mediation techniques.



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How Chatbots Are Changing Your Job Search Experience

How Chatbots Can Speed Up Your Job Search


Using robots in our daily life is as easy as asking Siri for help. More companies are using recruitment chatbots to enhance the candidate experience and attract talent for their open jobs. Too many applicants complain about receiving no feedback on their status. And this lack of communication is costing companies good people and discouraging candidates.


So what is a chatbot?

It uses conversational AI technology and is a software application that is designed to imitate human conversation and programmed to understand language. Some are even designed to register emotions. They use machine learning to function. During the recruiting process, chatbots can make the applicant feel like there are interacting with someone.

What does it do?

It helps give faster responses and feedback. Chatbots gather information like your resume, asks screening questions to find if candidates are a fit for the job and answers FAQs. It can offer updates on your application and status. They can match your resumes to open jobs. In addition, chatbots can be used to setup interviews which saves time and lessens phone and email tag to get interviews set up.

Chatbots advantages?

Speed for one. Chatbots can get back to candidates quickly and move them along in the process. Saves time for the applicant and recruiters by getting information up front and answering questions. Always available – they work 24/7.


Using a chabots during your job search can help get you closer to the job of your dreams and keep you engaged in the process. Happy Job Hunting.



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Physician Assistant Compensation Report

Compensation is very important to job satisfaction. Take a look at these statistics on Physician Assistant Compensation. 

Highlights from the Medscape Physician Assistant Compensation Report – 2020

5,455 Physician Assistants for their survey


Note: Salaries listed are averages – mean calculation for salary and pay rate


Annual Total Compensation: $118,000


Base Compensation: $113,000


Additional compensation came from bonus, productivity/incentive or overtime

90% of PAs received health insurance, paid time off and professional liability coverage

More than half full time PA’s income increased and 74% felt their compensation was fair


Highest paying specialties:

  • Critical Care $131,000
  • Emergency Medicine $127,000
  • Surgery $125,000
  • Orthopedics $123,000


Fastest growing specialties – Critical Care and Emergency Medicine


Pay by gender – hourly:

  • Men $68
  • Women $63


Pay by Regions:

  • Pacific $128,000
  • New England $123,000
  • West South Central (TX, OK, LA, AR) – $120,000
  • Mid-Atlantic – $118,000
  • West North Central $115,000
  • Mountain – $114,000
  • East North Central – $112,000
  • South Atlantic (FL, GA, Carolinas) – $114,000
  • East South Central (AL, MS, TN, KY) – $106,000



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The Importance of Personal Branding on Social Media

Personal branding on social media is important way to stand out from the crowd. Your personal brand plays a large part in your professional world establishing who you are.



Companies use social media as a tool in hiring. What you post can help with that new job that you have been looking for.


Tips to help with your personal brand on social media:


Social Media is Personal Marketing

Social media is a way to market yourself. Fill out your profile thoroughly. Update you information regularly. Distinguish yourself. Identify your areas of expertise. Your personal brand can boost your credibility. Select groups that show your skills and interests.  Your social media profiles should make you appealing to everyone, not just friends.


Think Before Posting

Before you post anything, you should think first. Pictures of you partying, posts with negative text, and fights between friends are not good things to have on your social media accounts. Take a second before posting anything and ask yourself is this something that would be okay for current or future employers to see?  Don’t forget to ask your friends to help you by not posting negative content of you and not tagging you on negative content.


Engage Regularly, but don’t overdo it

Posting upbeat, informative content is important. Try not to over post, posting 3-4 times a week appears to be about right to keep you active. Posting content regularly helps show what you’re up to, your thoughts on issues and that you’re engaging friends and colleagues.


Positive is always better

Keep your posts positive, stay away from issues that can lead to confrontation. The goal is to connect with people and share your expertise and interests.


Create Content

Sharing other people’s content is fine but creating content based on your expertise can really make you stand out. It shows your skills and helps you to be seen as credible, someone who has the knowledge on a subject. You can use blog posts, videos and even photos to highlight your content.  Don’t be afraid to be creative and innovative.


Clean Up

Many peoples’ first thought when they are looking to get a new job or a promotion is to wipe their social media accounts. Instead of deleting your account, audit them. Target the posts that you think are the worst offenders and delete them.


Your personal brand should be both professional and social. Be yourself. Once you start, don’t forget to be consistent. Every brand, including your personal brand needs to be consistent.



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Happy 4th of July – 2020



On July 4, 1776, after voting for independence on July 2nd, delegates from the 13 colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence.


A well known sentence reads:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”


July 4th, has been a federal holiday since 1870. Since 1941, it has been a paid federal holiday. It’s celebrated as the birth of America’s independence at parades, concerts, fireworks displays and backyard barbecues and picnics.



This year due to COVID-19 many of us might be staying closer to home, but we won’t let that diminish the importance of the holiday for our nation.



We wish you a Happy July 4th!

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Fuel Your Productivity with Exercise

How Daily Exercise fuels your productivity

The benefits of regular exercise include weight loss and being in better shape, but it can also increase your productivity at work. Exercise increases blood flow to your brain. It releases feel-good endorphins which improves your mood and makes you more alert. Several studies of employees, who exercise versus those who didn’t, showed that their concentration was better and it improved their work performance.


Here are 4 reasons that exercise can fuel and improve your productivity.

  • Energy – feeling more alert and ready to go can make a real difference in the amount and quality of your work.
  • Mood – exercise improves your mood, making tasks, even the ones you don’t like easier to do.  A better mood gives you a better outlook on your day.
  • Stress Reliever –  regular exercise can reduce the level of stress hormones while the serotonin your brain releases make you feel happier, more content.
  • Mental Health – exercise can reduce negative thoughts, anxiety and depression. It’s an effective way improve your mental health.


And exercise doesn’t have to mean a long workout; it can be walking for 20 minutes, a yoga class or a bike ride. Even taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a difference. So get moving and get more done and feel better doing it.




Holiday Post

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

In 1966, President Johnson issued a proclamation making the third Sunday in June – Father’s Day. It was made a law in 1972.

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Show You’re the Right Person For the Job

Employers can review hundreds of resumes for a job opening. Usually after many phone interviews, the finalists are whittled down to two to five candidates before they make their final decision. Showing them you’re the right person is a multi-step process. How do you stand out?

How do you show them that you’re the right person for the job?


Your resume – don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Note your accomplishments, successes and skills necessary to do the job. Be specific with results, stats and how you contributed. It’s important that you tailor your resume to the job description. Focus on the skills that you have that they need. Make it easy for the employer to see you’re a fit.


Cover letter – a great way to start your introduction is to write a well written cover letter highlighting your talents.  See our blog post on cover letters to ensure you write one that makes you stand out.


Be a great communicator – during your interviews it’s vital that you are able to articulate why you’re the right person. Your responses need to give them a sense of your background but also need to be concise, no rambling, please. You need to be a mix of personable and professional. The goal is to make them like you while also seeing you as part of their team. Other ways to be a good communicator includes timely responses to emails and phone calls. Note: if you have a weird voice mail message change it so that’s it is more professional during the job search.


Be prepared – visit their website, look for articles to find information so that you’ve thoroughly researched the company.  This makes it easier to ask questions and show your interest in being part of their culture.  Other ways to be prepared is to practice some of your responses to common interview questions like ‘tell me about yourself’ and how you plan on discussing your accomplishments.


Fit in – show them during the in-person interview and/or the video interview that you are the kind of person who will acclimate quickly to the company’s culture and fit in.


By taking steps during each stage of the hiring process, you make it easier for the employer to see that you are the right person for the job.



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Red Flags Employers Look For

While reviewing resumes recruiters and managers look at your background and experience, they also keep an eye out for red flags. It’s important to know what the red flags are and how to overcome them.

 How to avoid red flags on your resume:

Gaps – Employment gaps can be a big red flag as an employer reviews your resume. I knew one hiring manager who used a red marker and circle gaps and if there too many, the person was toast. Sometimes gaps can be explained; you took care of sick parent or went back to school, etc. Cover letters can be helpful to explain some gaps. For an interview; it’s important to be prepared and be honest when you explain the gaps. Have a short detailed answer (no rambling please).


Sloppy resume – Resumes with formatting errors, typos, spelling and grammar errors, different fonts show a lack of attention to detail and is a big red flag.  Not taking the time to prepare a good resume makes an employer wonder what else you might not prepare for.


Words with no substance – I recently spoke to a candidate who had great experience but you’d never know it from his resume. The words he used were vague and didn’t highlight what he could do. Hiring managers care about substance – How have you impacted the company/practice? Numbers, specifics are what they are looking for. Saw patients vs. Saw 15 patients daily. Performed surgery vs. performed  ‘x’ number of ‘type’ of surgery. Flowery words are a red flag that you might not have the experience they need. Be specific.


Vague – When your bullets or descriptions are not clear, employers wonder. There’s not enough information to see if you’re a fit. Try tailoring your resume for a specific job. It can make a difference. Providing enough information shows the employer you can do the job. Keywords highlighting your background can be helpful too.


No achievements – Detail your accomplishments. Potential employers like results, so show them.


To fix the issue, you should review your resume, look for the red flags then rewrite and revise. It’s worth the time to have a resume that stands out.







Holiday Post

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

On this day, we honor and remember the men and women who should never be forgotten.


Memorial Day and Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for the men and women who died in service of the U.S. military. It’s celebrated on the last Monday in May. It originated in the years following the Civil War. The day was officially made a federal holiday in 1971.


The National Moment of Remembrance was established by Congress in 2000 and asks Americans to voluntarily and informally at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day, to pause in an act of unity for a  moment of silence or to listen to Taps.


Social distancing might change how we observe Memorial Day but it won’t stop us saying thank you to these heroes.