Scheduled for an interview…now what?

A job interview can be a stressful experience. Your goal is to show the employer why you’re the right person for the job. What to say, what not to say and how to best present yourself so that you move to the next step.


There are things you can you do to make sure you move forward in the interview process.

Job Interview Sticky Notes


Some points to remember for your interview:




Be prepared – Research everything that you can about the company, such as press releases, articles, and website content.  Make sure you take the time to review the job description thoroughly.  Highlight your skills that are relevant to the job.  Make a list of questions that you would like to ask and be prepared to answer all of their questions to the best of your knowledge.


Have a secret weapon – You can have amnesia during an interview. Being nervous can make you forget your accomplishments and successes in your career. How can you overcome this? Take time to write down your achievements for your last two-three jobs before your interview. Bring the sheet or two with you and review it before you go into the interview. The information will be fresh in your short term memory,  making it easier for you to recall the information when you’re asked.


First impression –  First impressions matter. Being well dressed, having a firm handshake is always recommended.  Good eye contact is important. Arriving late, wrinkled clothes, or being obnoxious will certainly give you less than stellar marks from the interviewer.



Don’t discuss salary – Unless they ask you, avoid talking salary during the initial interview.  If you do well, most likely you will be called back where a salary discussion is more appropriate.


Good luck!




Nurse Practitioner Jobs and Physician Assistant Jobs



If you’re interested in any of these jobs, send your resume to



Nurse Midwife

Eastern, NC

Well established practice that’s been in the community for over 30 years. Federally Qualified Health Center in rural Northeastern NC. Well run and financed group.

Located in near the VA border 20 minutes from Halifax; about 90 miles from Raleigh; 45 miles north of Rocky Mount and 2 hours from the coast.

  • Women’s Health Clinic with Privileges at local nearby hospital
  • Mix of patients (OB vs GYN) fluctuates based on demand/referrals. As of Feb. 2018, there had 165 active pregnancies.
  • Delivery count is approximately 20-25 per month.


Family Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

Practice just 20 minutes west of Roanoke Rapids.

90 minutes from Raleigh; 1 hour from Rocky Mount and it’s very near the VA border. It’s the gateway to Lake Gaston.


Outpatient Setting – Mon-Fri 8-5 – with at least 36 hours per week of scheduled patient visits and at least 4 hours per week of administrative time.

Patient load 20 patients per 8 hour day seeing lot of chronic disease management – diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, COPD, etc.


Family Nurse Practitioner

Tri-Cities area of WA

Work at the Main Clinic and at a School Based Clinic.

Days – Monday – Friday no call or weekends

FQHC facility where you’ll see patients with and without insurance. Outpatient setting seeing between 20-25 patients a day,

Candidate Requirements:

  • MSN – FNP and at least 1+ years of FNP experience required


Maine: Pediatrics – Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

Established pediatric practice.

Located 50 minutes north of Bar Harbor, ME and 15 minutes from Orono where the University of Maine has it’s campus.

Federally Qualified Health Center. Established practice caring for the community for 30 years. Loan assistance offered.

Shift: 4 or 5 day schedule

Outpatient setting offering primary, well visits and sometimes urgent care for infants, children, adolescents, teens and young adults. The practice provides 24-hour pediatrician coverage. It also supports programs in foster care pediatrics and neonatal abstinence syndrome.





Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

On May 9, 1914, President Wilson issued a proclamation for the first national Mother’s Day holiday to celebrate America’s mothers.


 AVA Search Group wishes you a Happy Mother’s Day!


National Nurses Week – May 6 – 12!

nurse practitioner week

Nurses Week  – a time for all us to give thanks to our unsung heroes. They do so much and don’t get enough recognition. So celebrate the nurses in your life.


Just saying thank you reminds them how much they mean to us. Nurses make our lives better. Can you imagine being in the hospital without nurses?



A Gallup poll in December 2017 rated Nurses the highest in honesty and ethics. It has been listed as the top profession for 16 years for ethical and honesty!  That is something to celebrate.

National Nurses Week!

Nurses Week started in 1953 and was first celebrated in 1954 with the goal of focusing on the people who do so much to care for us.


The last day of Nurse Week, May 12th is Florence Nightingale’s birthday. She is the founder of modern day nursing. A favorite quote of hers is: “I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse.”


International Nurses Day is May 12th.



Nurses are very important to lives, so this week take the time to thank a nurse for what they do. They deserve it!


“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it.” – Florence Nightingale





6 Tips to a Successful Video Interview

Successful Video Interview

More employers are using video interviews as a step in their hiring process. Companies of all sizes – hospitals, physician practices and federally funded centers are using them to save time and money.



It’s a bit different looking into a computer camera or phone screen instead of sitting across from someone. But with preparation you will have a successful interview.


To help you ace your first or next video interview, here are six tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Test your technology – even if you’re tech savvy, it’s important to check everything; because if it can go wrong – it will.
    • Be sure your phone or laptop is charged
    • Download the app you’re using days prior to the interview – don’t leave it to the last minute And check that you have the most up to date version
    • Ensure your internet connection is good and not spotty
    • Test your microphone
    • Clean the camera lens
    • Get ready 10-15 minutes before the interview

Recommend doing a test video interview with a friend the day before and a final check the day of.

  1. Dress for an interview – just because it’s a video interview doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like you want the job. Wear what you would for an in-person interview. When you do your test with a friend where what you plan on wearing so they can see how it looks.


  1. Check what’s behind you – Choose a room/location that’s neat. Keep the area behind you free of inappropriate items and clutter. You want to keep distractions to a minimum consider a room with door so your kids or pets don’t’ suddenly become part of the interview. Good lighting is important so that the interviewer can see you clearly. Again, check that with your test.


  1. Good Eye Contact – think of this as an in-person interview and maintain eye contact like you would during an interview. Tip: Look at the camera and not the screen. It will seem weird at first but it works. And your camera should be at eye level (if it’s not you will look as if you’re looking down to the interviewer).


  1. Be prepared – just like with any interview, review the company’s website, news articles, reviews, etc. so that you’re up on the company culture. Look up the person you’re interviewing with.

For the interview have a glass of water, a copy of your resume and any notes on projects and accomplishments you might want to highlight and paper and pen for notes.  








  1. Body language still matters – show positive body language during the interview. Smile and maintain an agreeable facial expression during the interview, nodding your head, leaning forward are all good signs of positive body language.


Finally like any interview be ready for common questions – like ‘Tell me about yourself’ (Read our 8/4/17 Blog for tips) and other basics questions. Keep cool and steady if something goes wrong.


Good luck.


5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout

5 Easy Ways to Avoid Burnout

Burnout – we’ve all been there. We working too many hours, juggling projects and then there’s stress, we all have too much stress. It can be overwhelming and brings us to the end our rope.

We’re tired, can’t concentrate and not getting things done. We’re burned out.


Try these tips on avoiding burnout or if it’s already here – how to deal with it.


Help others – volunteer and giving your time and skills to change the lives of others will make you feel good and will revitalize you.



Exercise – getting regular exercise is an important way to make a real difference and reduce burnout.




Meditate – 5-10 minutes daily help center you and keep you feeling better. There are apps to make it easy to remember. A few deep breathes, quiet, and you’re refreshed and ready.



Just stop – the phase stop and smell the roses has a point. Take a minute and stop. Take a walk, call a friend or pet your dog or cat.


Get away – a day off, a long weekend or a real vacation – taking time off to enjoy yourself. Unplug. Turn off your phone, shut down your computer and take care of yourself. Most of us are spending so much time working we have very little “me” time. Schedule some time for yourself away from all the noise and stress. Even 30 minutes can make a difference. Relax.



Figure what you love and do it – A hobby, a project, something that gives you joy to avoid burnout.



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Vacations Equal Better Health

Summer is fast approaching. Have you booked your vacation yet?


Taking time off has been linked to better health. It’s time to ignore that inner voice telling you that you have too much work to do and start planning that much needed vacation. Your health depends on it.


Research over the past few years has been quite clear – vacations help people be more productive and are good for your health!


The long hours, endless meetings and paperwork, constantly staring at your computer screen, eating lunch at your desk is overwhelming and can lead to burnout. It’s easy to overdo it. Everyone does. Consider taking a few days off to benefit from the stress reducing effects a vacation gives you. It helps you refuel – physically and mentally.



There have been studies showing that even taking a micro break can make a difference. Can you imagine what five full days out of the office would do for you? Recent surveys conducted by Forbes and Glassdoor showed that only 25% of Americans take all their vacation time and another survey showed over 40% don’t take vacations at all! And be honest when you do take time off, you bring work along to do or find yourself checking your email constantly. That is not a vacation.


Several studies including the Framingham Heart Study showed not taking vacations can actually be bad for your heart health. Not taking a vacation for one year might increase the risk of a heart attack or fatal heart condition.


A vacation can be what you need to recharge and get back on track. They are vital for continued success.


Being dedicated and giving your all is great, but when you work all the time – you suffer and so does your health. Put yourself first and take care of your physical and mental health. Vacations reduce stress, improve productivity, increase our happiness and improve how we deal with each other. Sounds like a win-win!


Imagine being at work feeling rested and happier. Days off replenish job performance and your brain responds quicker. You are better able to conquer any challenges.


With summer fast approaching, instead of thinking of reasons why you can’t go, remember why you need to go. Visit your favorite travel site, talk to your family or friends and find someplace fun to go.


Everyone needs a break. Go ahead and reap the benefits a vacation offers.




National Pet Day – April 11

It’s National Pet Day.









How To Avoid Red Flags On Your Resume


With all the posts on creating resumes, it’s important to make sure that your resume highlights you in the right way.


What are considered red flags and how to avoid them?


Gaps – employment gaps can be a big red flag as an employer is reviewing your resume. I knew one hiring manager who used a red marker and circle gaps and if there too many, the person was toast. Sometimes the gap can be explained, you took care of sick parent or went back to school, etc. Cover letters can be helpful to explain some gaps but be careful not to be too wordy. For an interview; it’s important to be prepared to explain gaps with a short detailed answer (no rambling please).


Sloppy resume – resumes with formatting errors, typos, spelling and grammar errors, different fonts show a lack of attention to detail and is a big red flag.  Not taking the time to prepare a good resume makes an employer wonder what else you might not prepare for.


Lack of focus – You career might have taken in you various directions with a variety of job titles. It’s important that you take the time focus your resume for the particular job you’re applying for.  Just a few extra details on your background and experience can make all the difference. Recruiters and hiring managers should not have to guess if you can do the job – take the time to target your resume and show them that you have the skills needed.


Words but no substance – I recently spoke to a candidate who had great experience but you’d never know it from his resume. The words he used were vague and said nothing. Hiring managers care about substance – What have you done? How have you impacted the company/practice? Numbers, specifics are what they are looking for. Saw patients vs. Saw 15 patients daily. Performed surgery vs. performed  ‘x’ number of ‘type’ of surgery. Flowery words are a red flag that might not have the experience they need, so be specific.


No achievements – it’s important to note your accomplishments. Potential employers like results, so show them. Be specific.


Next Step to rid your resume of red flags

Take a few minutes and review your resume, look for the red flags mentioned. Rewrite and revise. It’s worth the time to have a resume that stands out.





Happy Easter

We wish you and your family a Happy Easter!