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Tips to building your personal brand

Branding used to just be for companies. Now most of us have a personal brand and it’s important to cultivate it since it plays a large part in the professional world. With companies using the internet as a big tool in hiring, your social media footprint can help make or break that new job that you have been looking at.


Use these tips to help make your social media and your personal branding stand out from all of the rest.


Social Media is Personal Marketing

It’s how people see you and needs a strong narrative. It’s who you are. Your personal brand is the marketing of you. Be genuine and show people the real you. Your hobbies, where you volunteer, your passions and what interest you. Be authentic. Be real. Keep your image consistent across all platforms. This helps you control people’s perception of your personal brand. Your social media profiles should make you appealing to everyone, not just friends.


Cleaning up Social Media

A lot of peoples’ first thought when they are looking to get a new job or a promotion is to wipe their social media accounts and make them squeaky clean. Again, be yourself. But it’s important to be sure your social media sites are not offensive, so target the posts that you think are the worst offenders and get rid of them.


Think Before Posting

Before you post anything on your social media page – you should think first. Pictures of you partying, posts with negative text, and fights between friends are not good things to have on your sites. Take a second before posting anything and ask yourself is this something that would be okay for future employers to see? Remember every post should contribute to your personal brand and not take away from it.


Update Regularly and Engage

Posting content regularly is important in building your personal brand. It’s good to comment on articles or discussions with our insights. Be responsive and engage. Post appropriate and fun images and videos. Give people a reason to remember you and make personal connections.


The most important thing to remember in building a personal brand is to make your social media profiles a true reflection of you. They should be professional, social and authentic.  Once you start, don’t forget your personal brand needs to be consistent.