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Ways to be your own Advocate during your job search

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As you start or continue with your job search – remember that you are your best advocate. As you meet prospective employers and new contacts, you know the information that bests represent yourself to them. And don’t be afraid to tell people your story. Show it!


A well written resume can make you look good on paper but it’s your interactions with people that show them who you truly are. Your goals, successes and passions. What makes you tick and how that might work for their company.

So what are some of the best ways to be your own advocate?

• First, take some time and review your experience and successes. Write down 2-3 of your best and create a short narrative about them. Show specific examples of how the success has helped you develop professionally. Practice it so you can comfortably tell your stories to potential employers.

• As you prepare for your interview – review the ad again and know which of your skills they need and how your skills measure up. Since it’s easy to forget things when you’re nervous; it’s a great idea to create a cheat sheet of the skills that match the job and to keep it handy for phone interviews.

• During the interview, as you discuss the job, talk about your specific experiences that relate to the job. And if you don’t have all the skills needed, show them which of your skills/experience could translate and work in their environment.

• Being confident and secure is a plus. It’s fine to tell them about things you’ve done that set your apart. Be proud and share your accomplishments.


And never forget – no one can tell your story or explain your background, skills and experience better than you can.

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