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2018 will continue Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants excellent prospects


The new year is almost here. Are you thinking this might be the year you’re ready to make a job change? The arrival of the New Year is a good time to reflect on past experiences and think about which direction you might want to go in the future. You’re not alone considering a job change. On average, most people change jobs 10+ times throughout their working years.


The outlook for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants is still great. Nurse Practitioners ranked 2 and Physician Assistants 3 on the US World News & World Report Rankings and 2018 appears to offer similar results. Despite the great prospects it’s still competitive and so you need to be ready and prepared to shine.


So, if your current job is no longer fulfilling or challenging enough, its time to start looking for a career path that is right for you.

Here are a few tips to get ready for your job search:


Take a look at your resume – be sure it’s in good shape and to easy read. Stay away from fancy formatting. Show your experience, the specialty areas you’ve worked. If you’re a new grad list your clinical settings and RN or other healthcare experience.


Get organized – review and know what your career goals are. Keep track of where you’ve submitted your resume.


Prepare for interviews – take the time to visit the company websites and review practice interview questions (Jan 2018 post).


Be ready to negotiate –  Be ready to discuss salary and your requirements. In July we did a post  – 3 tips on salary negotiations take to look for pointers.


Commit yourself and you’ll find the job you’ve been looking for. Happy Hunting!


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