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Vacations Equal Better Health

Summer is fast approaching. Have you booked your vacation yet?


Taking time off has been linked to better health. It’s time to ignore that inner voice telling you that you have too much work to do and start planning that much needed vacation. Your health depends on it.


Research over the past few years has been quite clear – vacations help people be more productive and are good for your health!


The long hours, endless meetings and paperwork, constantly staring at your computer screen, eating lunch at your desk is overwhelming and can lead to burnout. It’s easy to overdo it. Everyone does. Consider taking a few days off to benefit from the stress reducing effects a vacation gives you. It helps you refuel – physically and mentally.



There have been studies showing that even taking a micro break can make a difference. Can you imagine what five full days out of the office would do for you? Recent surveys conducted by Forbes and Glassdoor showed that only 25% of Americans take all their vacation time and another survey showed over 40% don’t take vacations at all! And be honest when you do take time off, you bring work along to do or find yourself checking your email constantly. That is not a vacation.


Several studies including the Framingham Heart Study showed not taking vacations can actually be bad for your heart health. Not taking a vacation for one year might increase the risk of a heart attack or fatal heart condition.


A vacation can be what you need to recharge and get back on track. They are vital for continued success.


Being dedicated and giving your all is great, but when you work all the time – you suffer and so does your health. Put yourself first and take care of your physical and mental health. Vacations reduce stress, improve productivity, increase our happiness and improve how we deal with each other. Sounds like a win-win!


Imagine being at work feeling rested and happier. Days off replenish job performance and your brain responds quicker. You are better able to conquer any challenges.


With summer fast approaching, instead of thinking of reasons why you can’t go, remember why you need to go. Visit your favorite travel site, talk to your family or friends and find someplace fun to go.


Everyone needs a break. Go ahead and reap the benefits a vacation offers.