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3 tips Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant can use to negotiate your salary

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting a new Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant job or trying to get a raise, it’s important to negotiate so you get the best offer. It’s a bit scary but you can do it. Don’t risk feeling cheated and being unhappy.


So bite the bullet and negotiate. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know if you could have received more money. Practice your pitch. And remember these tips:

  1. Your attitude matters. Be firm and positive. Resist being too pushy or combative.
  2. Be prepared. It’s important to know your market and what you’re worth.  With the help of salary surveys and recruiters know the range for your experience and specialty.
  3. Know your bottom line figure. The amount that will make you happy. Be realistic and take into account – benefits, quality of life (a job that is a day shift might pay less than an ER job but having a home life might just be worth it). Be specific with your figure; your potential or current employer will know that you did some research. This will increase your chances.



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