6 Simple Tips to a Great Conversation

How to have great conversations


There’s nothing better than a great conversation with someone.  That feeling when you know you that you’ve connected can be amazing.


Conversations are basic, a required skill for our daily lives and important to networking in your career. But they can be a challenge sometimes getting starting and keeping the conversation going.


Tips to Better Conversations


Friendly and polite – no one wants to speak with someone who is rude, so it’s important to be respectful when you speaking with people.


Listening – Remember the saying you have two ears and one mouth? Meaning you need to do twice as much listening than talking. Improving your listening skills will improve your conversations.


Ask good questions – Ask open ending questions to allow the person to answer broadly, giving you more information and help expand your conversation.


Tell me more – Employ the tell me more method – asking the person to expand on their thoughts.


Find a common interest – it’s easy to talk to someone about an interest/topic you share. A conversation can go from average to enthusiastic when you know and love a topic.


Be yourself – don’t try to be someone you’re not. Be genuine and open.



The ability to keep conversation going beyond small talk is important and what leads you to have great encounters in your personal and business life.