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6 Tips to a Successful Video Interview

Successful Video Interview

More employers are using video interviews as a step in their hiring process. Companies of all sizes – hospitals, physician practices and federally funded centers are using them to save time and money.



It’s a bit different looking into a computer camera or phone screen instead of sitting across from someone. But with preparation you will have a successful interview.


To help you ace your first or next video interview, here are six tips to make you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Test your technology – even if you’re tech savvy, it’s important to check everything; because if it can go wrong – it will.
    • Be sure your phone or laptop is charged
    • Download the app you’re using days prior to the interview – don’t leave it to the last minute And check that you have the most up to date version
    • Ensure your internet connection is good and not spotty
    • Test your microphone
    • Clean the camera lens
    • Get ready 10-15 minutes before the interview

Recommend doing a test video interview with a friend the day before and a final check the day of.

  1. Dress for an interview – just because it’s a video interview doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress like you want the job. Wear what you would for an in-person interview. When you do your test with a friend where what you plan on wearing so they can see how it looks.


  1. Check what’s behind you – Choose a room/location that’s neat. Keep the area behind you free of inappropriate items and clutter. You want to keep distractions to a minimum consider a room with door so your kids or pets don’t’ suddenly become part of the interview. Good lighting is important so that the interviewer can see you clearly. Again, check that with your test.


  1. Good Eye Contact – think of this as an in-person interview and maintain eye contact like you would during an interview. Tip: Look at the camera and not the screen. It will seem weird at first but it works. And your camera should be at eye level (if it’s not you will look as if you’re looking down to the interviewer).


  1. Be prepared – just like with any interview, review the company’s website, news articles, reviews, etc. so that you’re up on the company culture. Look up the person you’re interviewing with.

For the interview have a glass of water, a copy of your resume and any notes on projects and accomplishments you might want to highlight and paper and pen for notes.  








  1. Body language still matters – show positive body language during the interview. Smile and maintain an agreeable facial expression during the interview, nodding your head, leaning forward are all good signs of positive body language.


Finally like any interview be ready for common questions – like ‘Tell me about yourself’ (Read our 8/4/17 Blog for tips) and other basics questions. Keep cool and steady if something goes wrong.


Good luck.