Job Search Resume Success


Everyone recognizes famous brands like Motorola, Nike or even McDonalds. What sets them all apart from their competitors is brand recognition and history. Often times, people don’t realize that you yourself are a brand. We must create and market ourselves in today’s economy and sell that Brand to prospective employers. Just as the big companies follow guidelines on building and protecting their brands, you must do the same for yourself.

When we embark on such a journey there are a few steps we need to follow to ensure the most effective journey.

  • Google Yourself First and foremost before you begin the journey, you need to Google yourself. You need an idea of what your current brand is online and on Social Media.  This is going to be one of the first things prospective employers will do when researching you. You may also want to setup a Google Alert, this will let you know when new things come up and help you keep a better eye on what your presence is.
  • Improve your Profiles Review your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Glassdoor profiles and make sure that they effectively portray your goals in your professional search. You need to make sure that you have highlighted your greatest assets and experience to express your true value to the prospective employer.
  • Assess your Online Presence Once you have reviewed your Google Results, and improved your Social Media Profiles, do a full assessment of your online presence once again. Make sure that you have shown your greatest assets and ensure that you have the write keywords to grab the desired audience in your search.
  • Maintain Your Profiles In order to retain the most effective brand, you must continue to update and maintain your profiles. Keep them all current and up to date and this will help build your Personal Brand to the most effectiveness.Get the Job - Arrows Diagram

If you can begin with these Four steps, you will be building and maintaining the most effective and valued Personal Brand to represent yourself throughout your Job Search, and as your career grows and this can help bring new opportunities throughout your career and give you more options.