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Nurse Practitioners Week 2016!

nurse practitioner week

Over the years, American Association of Nurse Practitioners has been playing a vital role in the healthcare situation of our country. Just about a year ago, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the first NP program. And now, based on numerous research works that have been carried out, we’ve been able to estimate that there are now more than 350 programs around the country, and this, of course, sums up a compelling story.

This year, Nurse Practitioner’s Week will be November 13 – 19, 2016! Here’s a little more in this article to give you a general overview of what the nurse practitioners’ week 2016 would look like and also additional awareness about the amazing benefits of having an NP as your health care provider. Being the largest professional membership organization for nurse practitioners of all specialties, ANNP represents the interest of over 222,000 nurses, and this includes approximately 70,000 individual members and over 200 organization. The Association provides legislative leadership at the local, state and national levels, advancing health policy, maintaining and promoting excellence in practice, education and research, and establishing firm standards that best serve NP patients and other health care beneficial. * Still standing as the voice of nurse practitioners, AANP stands out to represent the interests of nurse practitioners of high quality, cost- effective, comprehensive, patient- centered health care. Now that 21 states and the District of Columbia have granted full practice authority to nurse practitioners, patients now have the advantage of a more direct access to the primary, acute and specialty care services that they provide. Want to learn more about the services nurse practitioners provide? Just enormous, they provide a full range of services: ordering, performing and interpreting diagnostic tests, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions, prescribing medications and treatments, managing overall patient care amidst other lifesaving services. Trust me, we are equipped and learned; so the next time you’re going for a checkup, be assured that the nurse practitioners handling you have got some skill as a master’s degree holder; not only that, there are a lot of them with doctoral degree, coupled with advanced education and clinical training. One could say that nurse practitioners emphasize the general health and well- being of the whole person in their own approach. What does this mean? They tend to assist patients in making educated health care decisions and healthy lifestyle choices, and this has resulted to the huge confidence patients have grown in nurse practitioners, with more than 870 million visits each year. It’s worth checking out.

November is Nurse Practitioners Week!
Now to the GOOD NEWS! The national nurse practitioners week which would be coming up in November; starting from the 13th to 19th would be one to remember. The week comes around with numerous opportunities to help educate lawmakers and the general public about the importance of NP- delivered health care. As stated earlier, with 21 states and the District of Columbia already accessing patients to NPs care, the week is going to be yet another way to demonstrate the benefits of all states having this access. Your help in relating the nurse practitioners value messages will go a long way to assist the state legislative about nurse practitioners role. During the week, the role of nurse practitioners will be showcased, as all of them across the country will be celebrating 50 years plus of practice. Different events to be held in communities around the country will enlighten local citizens about the role of NPs as providers of high-quality, cost- effective, personalized health care and also the importance of choosing a nurse practitioner as your partner in health. In an aging population consisting of boomers turning out to be seniors in growing numbers over the next ten years, making choices about health care providers will turn out to become even more important. In conclusion, the national nurse practitioners week is aimed at bringing visibility to the role of the nurse practitioner, helping patients across the country make wise choices when choosing their health care provider.


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