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Personal Branding – How To Build A Positive Social Media Footprint

Your personal brand plays a large part in your professional world. Today most companies use social media as a big tool in hiring. What you post on social media can help make or break that new job that you have been looking at. Use these tips to help make your social media accounts stand out.

Do Not Erase Social Media

A lot of people’s first thought when they are looking to get a new job or a promotion is to wipe their social media account. Completely getting rid of it or remove all of the content from the account: This is the last thing that you want to do. Data miners, those who look for your data on the internet have ways of finding things that have been recently removed and will use these if your social media presence is gone or bare.

Instead of deleting your whole account, target the posts that you think are the worst offenders.

Social Media is Personal Marketing

Social media is a way to market yourself. Fill out your profile thoroughly so that people know what you like and it shows that there is real content behind you. It also shows potential employers that you take things seriously.

A social media profile should make you appealing to everyone, not just friends.

Think Before Posting

Before you post anything you should think first. Pictures of you partying, posts with negative text, and fights between friends are not good things to have on your social media accounts. Take a second before posting anything and ask yourself is this something that would be okay for current or future employers to see?

Don’t forget to ask your friends to help you by not posting negative content of you and not tagging you on negative content.

Update Regularly and Engage

Potential employers want to know that you’re an active person. When you post content regularly it helps to show this, so does regularly engaging your friends. Commenting on photos, tagging people, and getting people to comment on your photos shows people that you don’t just go home and sit alone. Even executives and smart people need releases from work and you are expected to have yours.


The most important thing to take away from this is to make your social media profile a reflection of you in the digital world. It should be both professional and social. Also make sure that your page does not appear artificial, this makes people question who you are. Once you start, don’t forget to be consistent. Every brand, including your personal brand needs to be consistent.