Choosing An Employer to Match Your Life Goals

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No matter what stage we are in, in our careers, we are continually in search of what makes us happy. If you have been lucky enough to find a career you love, then the next big obstacle is finding the perfect employer that matches your morals, and supports your goals in life. It is kind of like dating, trying to find the perfect match in your professional life. When we are dating in our personal lives, we are looking for someone to match our goals in life, our desires for our futures and the person who helps us create a family. These are very important goals when searching for the perfect employer as well.

When you are in a professional working environment, whether you are a parent, a new grad or a seasoned Nurse Practitioner, we have aspects of our lives that can be affected by where we work and who we work for. Depending on the stage you are in, in your life, you have different things that are important to you when finding the right employer match.


If you are single and newly graduated, you will most likely be looking for an employer who will be giving you the experience you need in order to advance your career down the road, you might be willing to take the longer shifts to gain the necessary experience and if you are in a Hospital or Facility you really enjoy, then you are more willing to be in a position to do some of the less desirable shifts, in order to make a good impression for later on down the road. You want to build a rapport with the other Practitioners and Physicians. This will not only help build up your credibility, you are making yourself memorable as a hard worker and could lead to notable recommendations in the future.


If you are married or in a relationship, you might be looking for an employer who would be more accomodating to a schedule that would allow you to see your spouse.  If you both have professional jobs, but on opposite schedules, it makes for a harder marriage. You might be seeking a job that allows you to have a more flexible schedule in order to help keep your relationship strong and therefore make you more productive in the workplace.  Happy employees, make a happy work environment.


On another side of things, if you have kids, you will be looking for a place that is understanding and accepting of families and familial obligations. You don’t have to just be prepared in the case of an emergency, but you also want to find an organization that is understanding when a school play or dance recital comes up.  You will want a boss who is sympathetic when your child gets sick, or even when a planned field trip or scout activity present themselves.  This day in age, more employers are understanding that more and more parents need to work to support their families, however there are still some employers who are afraid that having children, poses more of a distraction to their employee than they would like. A happy, relaxed parent is a big asset to any workplace.


When you are looking for jobs and going through the interview process, remember, you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Do your research, see what types of programs the facility has been a part of, find out what their motto is and what their core values are.  When you begin working in a hospital or clinic, you become a part of them, and they become a part of you.  You want to make sure that it correctly represents you and what you believe in, you also need to make sure that it matches your life goals. This will help ensure a long and satisfying career, and life.