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Easy Tips To Finish The Year Strong

We all want to have a year filled with accomplishments. It’s the middle of September leaving us about 110 days left in 2019. Wow, time goes by fast. But there’s still time to make an impact.


Back in January many of us wrote goals and resolutions. Some are completed while others have been abandoned. That’s okay. Life doesn’t always go the way we want and sometimes we have to make adjustments.


The year isn’t over yet and you can get a lot done in 110 days even if your goals have changed.




BE WILLING TO CHANGE YOUR FOCUS – Look at what worked and what hasn’t. What needs to change? Slow down for a day or two and see what you need. Then reevaluate and set realistic goals.


RECOMMIT – Whether you create new goals or work on ones you made months ago, recommit to them and their completion.


LOG YOUR SUCCESS – Review what you have accomplished so far this year. Congratulate yourself for getting things done. Remember how you did it and use those successes to build on and create more success.


PLAN – Create a plan by deciding which goals you want the most and are the most likely to   complete in the next 3 1/2 months. Don’t forget down time for holidays and vacations as you plan. Write down the steps required to get it done. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something different. Finishing strong will take a plan and maybe changing your habits and how you’ve been doing things.


ORGANIZE –Look at your desk, files (computer and paper), etc. and get organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Clearing your space helps clear your mind to be ready for the challenges ahead.


ACTION – Hard part – doing the actual work required to complete the goal. The steps, action and number of days it will take to meet the goal. Stop procrastinating because action is required. Do something every day! Be proactive.


SCHEDULE – Create the time required to meet the goals. Set aside the resources (time, money, etc.) so that you can complete your plan of action. Use your phone calendars to help.


ACCOUNTABILITY – If you take the time to create a 3 month plan, set up the actions required – be accountable – plain and simple.


TAKE CARE – And finally – take care of yourself. It’s hard to finish strong if your body is weak. Eat healthier, get enough sleep and exercise. And have fun.


With these tips, you can finish 2019 strong and carry that momentum into 2020.


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