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How Chatbots Are Changing Your Job Search Experience

How Chatbots Can Speed Up Your Job Search


Using robots in our daily life is as easy as asking Siri for help. More companies are using recruitment chatbots to enhance the candidate experience and attract talent for their open jobs. Too many applicants complain about receiving no feedback on their status. And this lack of communication is costing companies good people and discouraging candidates.


So what is a chatbot?

It uses conversational AI technology and is a software application that is designed to imitate human conversation and programmed to understand language. Some are even designed to register emotions. They use machine learning to function. During the recruiting process, chatbots can make the applicant feel like there are interacting with someone.

What does it do?

It helps give faster responses and feedback. Chatbots gather information like your resume, asks screening questions to find if candidates are a fit for the job and answers FAQs. It can offer updates on your application and status. They can match your resumes to open jobs. In addition, chatbots can be used to setup interviews which saves time and lessens phone and email tag to get interviews set up.

Chatbots advantages?

Speed for one. Chatbots can get back to candidates quickly and move them along in the process. Saves time for the applicant and recruiters by getting information up front and answering questions. Always available – they work 24/7.


Using a chabots during your job search can help get you closer to the job of your dreams and keep you engaged in the process. Happy Job Hunting.