How not to bomb on your next interview

You’re about to go in, you’re ready. You reviewed the website and feel you know the company. You look terrific. You feel confident and know this job is for you. Ninety minutes later, you’re a mess. You’re not even sure how you got to the elevator. What happened? You bombed. You might have been ready but you were not prepared.


One of the main reasons candidates bomb during interviews is pressure. And that pressure tends to do things to your memory, shutting it down, making you a victim of temporary amnesia. When you’re asked questions requiring you to explain or give examples of past performance successes you stumble through answers – either forgetting all together or giving bad examples.


And the company keeps looking.


This problem is quite easy to fix. All you need is preparation. Getting this information in your short term memory will make it easy to recall. Your goal is to be ready and when you’re asked you’ll have the answers.


Get out a few pieces of paper; list your last 3 jobs, then list  2 or more achievements per job (keep in mind the strategies and process you used as well). Also list a few things in your overall career that you’re proud of.  They don’t have to be huge accomplishments, just something you feel good about or you were recognized for. You want to be able to verbalize why it was important. The act of writing it helps it remain fresh in your short term memory. Arrive a few minutes early to your interview and review the list before you leave your car.


By being prepared you will be seen as a strong, qualified, and capable candidate, someone they’ll want to hire.


Good luck!