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How the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Your Job Search

How the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Your Job Search

It has been quite a week and with a famous movie star being diagnosed and sports leagues halting games, the coronavirus got very real for most Americans. As healthcare professionals, you have such an important job to do and most of you are on the front lines seeing and treating patients.


If you are in the hunt for a new job, you might be wondering – how will your job search be affected? It will depend. Traveling for interviews could be slower and might involve driving rather than flying. The process could slow down as hospitals and corporations tweak their processes to protect their employees.


However, the most important thing that will not change – is you. You cannot stop looking and sending out your resumes. You cannot find a job if you are not trying. Don’t stop searching. 


A few tips to consider while your job hunt during the coronavirus:

LinkedIn Profile – optimize your profile and be sure it is updated as company are using online resources even more to find and contact potential candidates.


Resume – as always, be sure your resume focuses on what you can offer. Highlight your experience and skills and how they can help and impact the practice or department.


Be prepared for a longer job interview process – yes it might take longer. Changes are happening fast and companies are adapting. Be patient.


Virtual Interviews – with the need to limit personal interactions companies might use video interviewing even more now. Be sure you are comfortable with various formats. Review this blog post for tips on video interviews.


Follow up – this is still very important. You can call or email to get an update on how the process is going. However, you should prepare for slower response time due to changes within the company as they grapple with the virus and its effect on their company and their employees.


The need for qualified Advanced Practice Providers and other healthcare professionals will be vital as hospitals, practices, and clinics are pushed to the limit during this coronavirus crisis.