Hurricane Hurricane Relief

Helping Hurricane Victims without getting scammed

We all want to help victims of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. It’s been a rough time for people in Florida and Texas.


Here’s how to help without getting scammed.

First thing – make sure you’re working with real charities.

  • Be wary of charities that seem to suddenly appear in the wake of hurricane disasters.
  • You can research charities using the Charity Navigator or Charity Watch both let you see if a charity is rated or accredited. Charity Navigator offers a list of organizations helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.
  • Better Business Bureau is also a good way to check and see if the business is established.

Suggestions to help:

The Mayor of Houston created the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to be administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation


In Florida with so many cities were hit by Hurricane Irma – Global Giving is one to consider. The fund works with local organization to provide help to survivors offering emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine and long term recovery assistance.


You can look into local groups and organizations with long standing ties to the community if you don’t want to give to a national charity organization. Use the Charity Navigator  and click on either hurricane  for more information on organizations.


Salvation Army – you can make a donation on their site


Red Cross – you can donate money on their website for both hurricanes. They also need volunteers.


Texas Diaper Bank – you can drop off or mail diapers and wipes: 5415 Bandera Road, Suite 504, San Antonio, Tex., 78238. Also can you donate on their site.

Helping Animals:

Best Friend Society – helps find homes and reunites animals with their families of Hurricane Irma


Houston SPCA and Houston Humane Society are both seeking donations to help the animals in the area


Big Cat Rescue in Tampa cares for lions, tigers and other large cats.


SPCA of Texas is helping our furry friends and could also use donations.


ASCPA – 100% of donations going to field investigation and response fund for Hurricane Irma


Your time – volunteering with a local charity is a great way to help. Find out who in your community is helping the hurricane victims and pitch in!