How to Ensure You Get the Interview

Most people think the most important part of job hunting is having a successful interview, however you can’t nail the interview if you don’t get the call back. Here are some important tips to help you secure the interview.


Perfect your CV (Curriculum Vitae)

This is something recruiters use to gather the important information. They don’t always have the time to sift through pages of career experience and education information.  You want to make sure this is no more than 2 pages that accurately depicts your work and education history. effectively.


Create Your Online Presence

Make sure that you have up to date LinkedIn and Google+ pages, clean up your Facebook profile, and Google yourself to see what comes up in the searches. Make sure that your online presence represents what you want prospective employers to see and read about you. Ensure that you also check for pictures on Facebook and Instagram that could be deemed inappropriate to a future employer.  You want to also make sure that nothing comes up in your Google Search that could be a misrepresentation of your values or the ones of prospective employers.


Be Proactive

Be a part of groups within your industry or desired field. Join Groups on LinkedIn and Google+. Find local networking groups within your community, attend meetings and luncheons with like minded professionals and mingle in order to build up your network, this will help you boost your career as you grow.


Don’t Apply for Everything

You have your CV and Profiles on the job boards and recruiting sites, be specific when actually applying for jobs. Only apply for positions you are actually interested in. Make sure you aren’t just applying to all the jobs in your field or in a related field, be picky and choose the jobs you really want.


Do Your Homework

Once you get chosen for the interview, research the organization or facility, you want to know as much about them as they do about you.  What do they stand for? What are their main principles? You want to be able to talk to your interviewer about them as much as you talk about yourself, it shows you truly care.


These steps will help you get to the interview and progress onto the next step in your career.