Hurricane Relief

How to help the victims of Hurricane Florence and not get scammed

After getting through Hurricane Irma, I know firsthand what a hurricane can do to your life. No electricity for days can mean hundreds of dollars of wasted food. Hunting for gas and long lines, piles of dirty clothes, no fence, messy yard – it never seems to end. And it can take months to get everything back to “normal”.


Knowing strangers care about you does much more than you think.


First thing – make sure you’re working with real charities.

  • Be wary of charities that seem to suddenly appear in the wake of hurricane disasters.
  • Check out Charity Navigator which has a page listing highly rated charities for hurricane victims. Many have ties to the community Also Charity Watch lets you check if a charity is rated or accredited.
  • Better Business Bureau is also a good way to check and see if the business is established.

Here are some local and national suggestions to help the people of North and South Carolina hit by the hurricane.

Global Giving is one to consider. The fund works with local organization to provide help to survivors offering emergency supplies like food, water, and medicine and long term recovery assistance.


North Carolina set up a site to donate to the recovery needed.


South Carolina – has a site set for recovery efforts that helps fund non profits and was created by the former governor.


Donors Choose – is accepting cash donations to help teachers care for their students and restock their classrooms.


Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina – They note that for every $10 you give, the Food Bank can provide 50 meals.


Salvation Army – you can make a donation on their site.


Red Cross – you can donate money on their website and they always need volunteers.


Great story of a 4 year old girl named Florence, helping the victims of the Hurricane that bears her name.