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How to Make the Best of Working on a Holiday

When you work in the Healthcare field, it is often a given that you will have to work a holiday or two over the course of your career.


Here are some tips to help you get through working the holidays.


Plan in Advance
The most important thing about celebrating is spending quality time with your loved ones. If you know you’re working a holiday, plan to get together with your family before or after, creating your own holiday, that way you all have time to get things together, and still enjoy time together. And don’t forget to ask them to save you a plate of all the good food!  No matter when you eat, it will still be wonderful and delicious.


Prepare for the Emotional Aspect
Being away from your family and friends is hard enough, but don’t forget that your patients are also away from their loved ones and this is most likely a very difficult and emotional time for them as well. Nobody wants to be sick over the Holidays, so being compassionate and helpful can make all the difference.


Make the Best of It
Some nurses and other staff often keep little gifts, and try to make the day extra happy for all who are there, from patient to staff. Do your best to keep in good spirits and remember to make the best of it. Studies have shown that people who smile often and find ways to make their work day enjoyable, they not only have more productive days, their time goes by faster and they are back with their families before they realize it. And if it’s allowed, wear something festive or decorate anything that can make the time more fun!


Enjoy the Perks
Most companies pay time and a half when you work  on holidays; this is a great incentive to help you get through the day. However, you can make your own perks as well; organize a pot luck, or gift exchange. Create a fun time and make the day memorable for everyone who is working there on that holiday.


No matter which holiday you work, remember how much you are appreciated for your hard work and sacrifices that you make in order to keep other people’s family and friends safe and healthy.


Choosing to have a merry attitude and making the best of working a holiday, can make all the difference for you, and everyone around you.



Happy Holiday Season!!