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How To Politely Decline A Job Offer

turn down job offer
When you are offered a job you feel a certain obligation to take the job, you have interviewed and taken the time to get to that point. Sometimes the offer isn’t right, though. This is when it is time to decline the job. How do you decline a job offer politely though? Let’s take a look.

Be Polite
It should be obvious that you need to be polite in order to politely decline a job offer but the reasons behind this are more than just because it is the right thing to do. The world may be big but it is also well networked. The people that you have interviewed with may be connected to people who you may encounter later on in your career. A good (and popular) way to phrase this is to never burn bridges.

Be Honest
It is important that you be honest with the company when you declining the offer. They might make you a better offer. But most importantly, it helps them to learn as to why people aren’t taking the job. There are various reasons that people won’t take jobs and knowing them can help a business improve.

Be Brief
There is no need to write an essay or go on and on about why you are not taking a job. Keeping your reasoning brief looks professional and makes it more likely to be listened to. They don’t need to hear what every red flag you have seen is or the specifics about the job you were offered. That is, unless they ask. If they do ask, make sure that you keep it professional and don’t nitpick, stick with the facts.

Be Friendly
Being friendly doesn’t mean that you should ask your interviewer out to the bar for an apology. What it does mean is that you wish them the best of luck in finding the right candidate, and thank them. Both of these common courtesies are often overlooked.

Be Ready To Use Phone and Email
Almost every company feels better with email documentation of all stages of business, so an email is always an important part of politely declining a job offer. However, before you send that email you should pick up a phone and let the interviewer know that you are declining the offer. Make sure that you mention that you will follow up with an email for their records.

Be Able To Offer Candidates
This one isn’t a requirement but it never hurts to be able to offer candidates. If you can recommend a person or a couple of people who might be right for the job, it makes declining the offer less of an impact for the business.

Turning down a job offer might not always be easy but sometimes it is the right thing to do. When you follow these tips you will be turning down a job offer politely and professionally. This can make the difference in the professional world and maybe you will benefit from it later in life.