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How to Start 2019 the Right Way

Start 2019 the Right Way

A new year is hopeful and we start it with excitement and a renewed sense of our ability and what we might be able to accomplish. It’s important to figure out the best way to start the year off right and give you self the best possible chance to make it what you want it to be.


Hopefully you worked on your 2019 goals and have worked out your plan to achieve them.


What else can you do to make sure 2019 exceeds your expectations?


Review – Learn from the past by reviewing 2018 – what worked, what didn’t. What are you carrying over to get done in 2019?  How can you learn from you past mistakes and successes? Be honest and take a hard look.


Goals – Review your goals making sure they’re specific and what you want to accomplish. Your goals should focus on what you truly want. Not what someone wants for you. And remember it’s important that your goals be: S.M.A.R.T which means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive.

If you haven’t created your goals for 2019, take time this week and work on them. Review our December 14 post on goal setting.


Money – so many of our goals have to do with money – buying a home, investment, retiring, etc.

So what things can you do to boost your financials: Do you have a budget including a plan to save; Review your personal debt situation and if it’s required – set up a payment plans to rid yourself of debt, school loan debt can be difficult but you should look into loan repayment locations to speed that along and some jobs have their own programs.  If you haven’t, make this the year that you start your retirement account and if you have one, consider increasing your contributions.


Health – it’s easy to ignore our health unless something is wrong. A few tweaks can make a huge difference: Get more sleep; try mediation for stress release, exercise 4-5 days week and eat 5 fruits and veggies daily. Just these few things can help you be healthier.



Fun – all work and no play makes a very unhappy person. Take time for yourself this year. Plan a vacation or some long weekends and get away. Time away re-energizes you and makes you better.

Start your new year right with a visit to our career center.