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How to Turn Down a Job Offer

turn down job offer

You gone on several interviews and finally you get a job offer, except it’s not with the hospital or practice you want. How do you turn the offer and not burn bridges?


Let’s take a look on some tips on how to turn down a job offer:


Be Polite
It should be obvious that you need to be polite but there’s another reason to consider. The world may be big but your world is small and networked. The people that you’ve interviewed with may be connected to people who you may encounter or work with in the future. A polite decline will ensure you don’t burn bridges.


Be Honest
It’s important that you are honest with the company when you decline their offer. If you’re taking another job, say so (you don’t have to give them every detail, though). If you decided to stay put (sometimes the grass isn’t greener), say that. And if you didn’t like the job or the company, a nice way of putting it is: I just don’t feel the position is the right fit for me now. And that’s true.


Be Brief
There is no need to ramble on and on about why you are not taking the job. Keep your explanation brief. No need to give details about all the things you didn’t like or the red flags you noticed. That is, unless they ask. If they do ask, make sure that you keep it professional and be brief.


Be Friendly
Wish them the best of luck in finding the right candidate, and thank them. Common courtesies are always a good thing. Oh, if you have a referral of someone who might be great for the job, tell them.


Use Email as a last resort

The best way to decline an offer is to call and tell them. However, sometimes that isn’t possible –  phone tag, they’re out of town, etc. In these cases, write a well written email briefly explaining your reasons for declining the offer.



Turning down a job offer might not always be easy but is the right thing to do if you feel the job is not right for you. Remember these tips and soon you will be accepting the right offer and moving your career forward.