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How Your Resume Can Help Make Your Next Interview Great

Your resume begins the interview process. Most clients have you fill out an application, but they seldom review that when they’re meeting you. It’s your resume that they read and use during an interview.


So how do you make sure your resume makes you standout and helps you be their choice to hire?


First your resume needs to give them an idea of the full scope and depth of your experience, background and knowledge, more than just the basics. But you have to do that in a few pages and not write a novel.


It needs to show your potential and any transferable skills and even creativity and that you have qualities to be a great employee who can far exceed their expectations.


Remember before you come in they will carefully review your resume, make notes on it and ask questions to get additional information they might need. Your resume helps them create some questions that are unique to you and your experience to find out if you are the person they’re looking for.


A few tips to make your resume standout:

  • Simple is always best – no fancy fonts, no weird formatting and no flowery words. Well written text and information telling a future employer who you are. Make it easy to find out what you can do.
  • Use bullet points for your experience and other information. Long paragraphs are boring, hard to read and so people don’t and can miss what experience you have.
  • Beef up your resume by using words like achieved, mentored, trained, saved, expanded, increased, maximized, negotiated – to show work you’ve done and how you exceeded expectations.
  • Leave off personal info like social security number, spouse, kids, pictures and jobs from the early 90s and the 80s.
  • Length – 2 -4 pages works for experienced candidates; 1-2 pages for new grads.

Resume Format – what your resume needs:

  • Objective – I like these when they’re well written, hate them when they’re rambling and say nothing. If you’re going to use one make it short and tell what job you are looking for. No more, no less.
  • Summary of Qualifications – a great way to highlight your best skills and what employers care about – 2-4 well written bullets about your background. Tip – you can tailor to the job description.
  • Education – if you’re a new graduate your education should be before your work experience, if you’re more experienced and have lots of work experience it can go at the end or the beginning; it’s up to you. Include dates of graduation.
  • Work History/Experience – List your most recent position first. Write in the first person – but leave off “I”. So instead of I see – See 15 patients daily……
  • License and Certifications – List national certifications and state licenses that are active or in process.
  • Other – you might want to include associations or volunteer work that relates to the job.


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