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Job Search Tips to Get Noticed

Getting notice by a hiring manager or recruiter is the key to a successful job search. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for your first position out of school, or are looking for that next career move. These tips will help you organize your Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant job search so that you’ll be noticed and stand out from the crowd.

How to get noticed during your Advanced Practice Provider Job Search?

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Job Search Tip 1 – Be Organized

Most job searches are done online via your computer or phone. Many hospitals ask for your resume and for you to complete an application online. But it’s easy to lose track of where you’ve sent your resume, making follow up difficult.

  • Create a spreadsheet to keep track of where you’ve sent your resume and login information
  • Create a few follow up templates to respond to jobs, request for more information, etc.
  • Finding a new job is a job, so be sure to make time for it by blocking time in your schedule.
  • Also keep track of details such as which companies you have heard back from, who you spoke to, the date of all communication, and the outcome of each application and interview.
  • Designate an area if you don’t have a desk, and make files for papers, etc.
  • Be sure your credentialing documents are up to date


Job Search Tip 2 – Update and optimize your Provider resume

You want your resume to be strong. When updating your resume be sure to consider other factors including:

  • Accolades and Accomplishments
  • Any new job responsibilities and duties
  • Measurable Achievements
  • Be willing to update your resume  based on the job description as needed

Check out my post for helpful tips on creating a resume that makes it off the pile. Remember your resume must sell you and your experience, skills and background. You have to show them what you bring to the table and why they should meet you.


Job Search Tip 3 – Determine Your Career Goals

What do you want? This is the time to consider what your specific goals are. For example, if you’re a new grad you might be looking for anyone who will hire you but still you have an idea of what you want your first job to look like. More experienced NPs or PAs may be searching for positions in a specific specialty or to increase their skills in their current area of specialty.


Other things to consider: how far you are willing to commute to and from work; if you’re willing to relocate; your shift preference and of course your salary requirements.


Job Search Tip 4 – Networking and Research

Who do you want to work for? It’s a good idea to make a list of hospitals, practices, physicians you want to work with and then research if they are looking to hire.


One the most effective ways to find a new job is networking. Reach out to friends and professionals who know the quality of your work. Selectively, tell people that you might be considering a change for the right opportunity. Talk to people you know at the companies where you want to work. Remember to ask that they respect your privacy, so your current employer does not find out. Other sources to network with – individuals you have come across over the years, colleagues from NP or PA school, your clinical rotations, during training, at professional events, and at networking events.


Standing out and getting notice just takes a little extra work and makes your job search less stressful as you successfully navigate the process.




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