Key Assets Recruiters Look for in Candidate Searches

healthcare job, job searchAs you embark on your career searches, you may find yourself wondering, “What are Job Recruiters Looking for?” Depending on the job field certain details may vary, however the key components are the same. Here are the Top 5 Things recruiters look for when searching for Candidates.


Experience As recruiters look through all of the candidates out there, they are going to be looking for someone with the right amount of valid and related experience to the available position. As a rule of thumb, see what the required experience is and then add two years, this will show you have ample experience in the position being sought for.


Integrity This could possibly be the most important of all the Attributes that a recruiter will be looking for. This is the most critical, be honest with yourself and the recruiters.  Integrity is the key to a long term relationship with an employer and longevity in your career field. Be honest about experience, your strengths and weaknesses and any mistakes you may have made in the past. Integrity is possibly one of the most important values one can have in life and it will carry you far in your professional and personal lives.


Current Title Recruiters are going to look at your current title and the last one you held before that, this title will need to be similar or relevant to the one you are applying for. If it is not even close, you will get passed over, or if you are applying for a title in a position well above current position you will not be considered. Be conscious of what is out there and what is available in your current career level.


Core Competences Do your skills and experiences match the desired core requirements of the job? Make sure you show and demonstrate all of your valuable skills and experience. You want to give concrete examples of how you have used these competences and how you intend to keep improving your skills.


Professional Self-Assurance As a serious candidate, you should have a clear objective overview of skills and career plans, as well as achievements. Make sure you are able to effectively communicate why you should be chosen for a position and why this position is best to help you advance in your career goals. There is no need for bragging, but it is acceptable to highlight your key qualities and how you can use them to accel in the given position and company. If you are confident and able to convince a recruiter, you are one step closer to that big career change.


Keep these key components in mind while doing your job searches, and also keep your information up to date and posted, so if anything opens up in your area and there is a recruiter looking to fill that job, then you will stand out from the rest of the eligible candidates.