Success Work tips

Make Your Productivity Soar

How improving your productivity can improve your work life.


We all want to be more productive. Our work day requires us to accomplish as much as possible. Want to know how some people seem to get more done each day?


Master these tips to make your productivity soar:


Figure out when you’re at your best – Whether you are a morning person, or are better later in day, do your most difficult tasks at your peak time.  You will have more success and get more done when you’re at your best and most alert. On the reverse, don’t waste your best time doing mundane things like emails, etc. Use your most alert time to be more creative and productive.


Stop multi-tasking – Our brains don’t like multitasking and we need to stop. There are countless studies proving that it actually affects our IQ! Giving up multitasking will make you more productive. Trying to do two or three things at once means you’re getting very little done. Multitasking wastes time. It’s faster to work and concentrate on one thing, finish it and then start another. Your brain will thank you.




Clean up – Get organized and start with your desk. Ridding yourself of clutter can help you focus, remind you of what needs to be done. Being unorganized can stop your progress. So clean up and declutter. 


Take a break – Most of us sit at our desks and forget to take a break. Ten or fifteen minutes away from your desk will re-energize you and boost your productivity. Breaks improve your focus and concentration. Talk to friend, take a walk or enjoy a cup of tea, something other than working for a few minutes can make a difference in you being productive.


Work in blocks – People who work in blocks of 60 – 90 minutes tend to be more productive researchers have found. It’s easier to focus and get your work done.


Take care of yourself – Exercise, getting enough sleep and healthy eating habits can make a difference. Also being upbeat, optimistic are solid ways to take care of yourself. If you’re feeling good and are healthy, being productive is easier to accomplish.