National Dog Day August 26th

Sunday is National Dog Day. #NationalDogDay It celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure.


The day was founded in 2004 by pet and family lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist Colleen Paige, the day honors dogs for all that they do to enrich our lives and communities.


Today, I’m going to celebrate my canine girls – Luna and Penny who are the office mascots.


Pictured as they watched the royal wedding in May and not loving those crowns.



Luna is my 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi (the one without a tail). She’s a rescue from Sunshine Corgi Rescue. Last place finisher in the recent corgi races in Tampa and all around funny girl. She is known as Luna the lunatic. She’s a bundle of happiness that doesn’t walk when she can run and loves to leap from one piece of furniture to the next. She can hold her own when she wrestles and plays. She loves being in the office during day and relishes her position as office mascot. She’s a corgi, so of course she thinks she’s the boss. She makes us laugh everyday!








Penny will be 11 in November and is the best dog I’ve ever had. She’s a golden retriever, so sweet, loving is in her nature. She’s also a big golden goof ball.

But her extra superpower – is knowing when you need her. She’s a therapy dog who visits an assisted living and Alzheimer unit every Friday at lunch. She arrives like she owns the joint and greets residents as they leave the dining room with a wagging tail. They wait on line for her paw and a shake from her. She gives long loving looks and makes each person she meets feel special. She’s regularly told that she’s the best thing of someone’s week. Smiles, wags and joy. There have been times when she sensed someone wasn’t doing well and gave that person extra attention and care.


And she’s a reading dog at the library to help children be better readers. She is extraordinary.




Dogs are glorious creatures. So hug your dog today or if you need one, visit a local shelter and adopt. You’ll be glad you did.


Happy National Dog Day.

“Dog is God spelled backward.”Duane Chapman