Advanced Practice Providers Job Search

New Year, New Advanced Practice Provider Job – Your Keys For Success

Is 2019 the year you decide to make a change and find a new job?

The job market for Advanced Practice Providers is active with many openings.  Advanced Practice Provider titles are considered some of the best jobs based on the 2019 US News and World Report rankings: Physician Assistants #3 on their 100 best jobs, Nurse Anesthetists #5, Nurse Practitioners #7 and Nurse Midwives #16.

There are many ways to find a new job, which works best for you?

Job Hunting 101 – be sure your resume is up to date and does a good job presenting your skills, background and how you can be an asset; if you using a cover letter create a template to speed things up; update and check your online social media presence ensuring it’s professional (get rid of any questionable posts).


Decide what kind position you’re looking for. Do you want to stay in your current specialty or is it time to branch out and learn something new? Different setting? Patient population? It’s a good idea to do some searches on various job boards to get a sense of job market in your area.


Other things to consider – do you want to relocate? If so, what are your top cities and states you’d like to live in and do some research if you need to.


Job boards and postings – are a good way to find new positions. Other ways to find openings include articles about new practices, outpatient and urgent care centers opening up in your area. You should also consider HRSA/Loan Repayment openings. Many are in smaller rural areas and offer a variety of settings for jobs nationwide. And don’t forget non-conventional positions – corporate, research, etc.


Word of mouth – discreetly telling people you’re looking can open up opportunities with practices and hospitals. Contact old clinical sites, physicians you’ve worked with. Many times these jobs aren’t posted yet and you get in on the ground floor.


The best way to find a new job is to start. There are many great opportunities for Advanced Practice providers, so get out here and take advantage of them. Happy Hunting.


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