One Page Resume Myth

Everyone has heard it or read it – keep your resume to one page. Truth or Myth? Mostly myth, a resume does not have to be one page any longer.

Being concise is very important; no one wants to read a rambling resume of five or more pages detailing every success since the 90s. There is nothing wrong with a one page resume. However, there is no need to cram it all on one page when a two page resume will do a better job presenting your qualifications.

The most important factor to consider when putting your resume together is your experience and background. It’s the content, quality information that will make you stand out.

One page resumes are fine for new graduates or someone who has only had one job. However, a new graduate Nurse Practitioner with ten years of RN experience should list and explain that experience. It can make the difference.

Your goal is structure the resume to highlight your relevant experience. Remember if page one doesn’t tell them about what you can do, they might not read page two. A brief description for each of most recent jobs is helpful to show the person reading the resume (many times it is HR who sees it before the department manager) that you have the right experience.