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Relocating? Here Are 6 Top Sites To Bookmark!

relocation sites
Relocating can get really messy if it is not planned properly. You are basically uprooting your life from one place and starting a new chapter in a completely new environment. The transition can be hard, but you can cushion the blow if you have made the right preparations. There are a lot of services out there that can prepare you for relocation and make it easier for you to turn a new leaf. So, if you are thinking of relocating, then here are the top 6 sites that you should bookmark on your browser right away. They contain some really useful information for you. This is much better than just jumping in blindly. Check them out.

This website has been built with the idea of providing end-to-end assistance for people looking to buy or rent a property. With more than 110 million homes on the website, you will surely find the home of your dreams. You not only get estimates on the value of the listed houses, but details of all the rental figures as well. Moreover, you can also check out the financing options available to you, not to mention the remodeling costs in the local area. The site also connects the interested individuals with real estate agents in the local market. All in all, the website empowers people looking to relocate to a new zip code, with all the information they’ll need to make the transition smooth.

This is again a website that focuses on offering its users updates on the new residential properties that are available for sale or rent in the market. It offers additional information about the history of property prices in the neighborhood, along with affordability data. Users can also get to know about the crime rates, accessibility to transportation, school ratings, and other such useful data on the website. Apart from this, Trulia also connects people with mortgage lenders, real estate managers, and other such professionals in the local area that can give them more information.
Neighborhood Scout
Neighborhood Scout offers you a complete report card of any neighborhood in the United States, which includes crime risks, property trends, quality of schools in the neighborhood, and more. The website comes with some really cool features like Build Your Ideal Neighborhood, Find a Twin Neighborhood, and so on. These features help you choose a new locality that is the closest fit to your requirements.

If you are losing sleep over managing the finances and budget in your new home, then log into Bankrate. This is a website that will give you a thorough breakdown of the costs of living in your new home. The team behind the site has really done their homework, and you will get a really clear picture regarding the kind of money you will need to maintain your standard of living in the new neighborhood.

If you are moving to a rather prominent metro city in the US, this is a website that you should check out at least once. As the name suggests, this website rates the city on the basis of a variety of statistics that include costs of living, population, crime statistics, job climate, weather history, and many more.

This one is a really interesting website. It helps you discover how convenient it is to go around town on foot. The neighborhoods are scored on a scale of 0 to 100, depending on the amenities and facilities that are available at walking distances. This is pretty neat.

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