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Salary Negotiation Tips for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants


As a Advanced Practice Provider, when you get to salary and contract negotiations, it’s important to be ready and knowledgeable.


You need to be firm, diplomatic and detailed.  You should know what you want but ask for it in a way that will help you get it. And remember negotiations are a two-way street both sides usually wind up giving and getting.employment contract negotiating


Tips for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants during salary negotiations:

Research – know the market and know your worth. Check out recent salary surveys, find out the regional differences, the salary range for your years of experience and medical specialty. It helps to know what you’re worth before you get started.


Your attitude matters. Resist being too pushy or combative. It’s fine to be assertive but stay respectful. Be firm in your request (don’t demand). Be positive and flexible.


Be clear – good communication is so important when discussing salary, benefits, etc. Don’t be vague when specifics are required. Clearly express your requirements, failing to do so can slow down the process or even turn the employer off. Effective communication is the key.



Know your bottom line figure – The amount that will make you happy. Be realistic and take into account – benefits, quality of life (a job that is a day shift might pay less than an ER job but having a home life might just be worth it).




Practice –  You don’t negotiate every day, so work on the pitch so that you’re comfortable with your reasons, the amount you’re asking for and you’re not tentative. Practice makes perfect.


The process of negotiating requires time and effort. Be prepared not to get everything you want but know what you’re willing to be flexible on. When it’s over both parties should be satisfied and happy about the next chapter in the practice and for you the provider.


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