Advanced Practice Providers Job Interview Tips

Skip These Interview Questions

Asking questions during an interview is important but the key is to ask the right questions. The wrong question might give the interviewer a negative impression of you. Bad questions can ruin your chances to get the job.

Here are 5 interview questions you should not ask:


What does your company do?

It’s never a good idea to ask a question that you should have researched prior to your interview.  The question shows that you’re not prepared. The interviewer might question if they can trust that you’ll do what’s necessary to do a good job for the company.


What’s the salary?

It’s tempting but do not ask about the salary on a phone interview or your first in-person interview. Wait until you get the later interview stages when it’s more appropriate. Though sometimes it comes up during the interview and then it’s fine to discuss salary.


Can I work part time? or Can we discuss changing the schedule?

Yikes, you’re interviewing for a full time job and asking about part time or to change the schedule. This does not give the right signal and can cause alarm that if you take the job you’ll leave when you find a part time job or one with the schedule you want.


I noticed you had another job opening – can we discuss that job too?

Asking about other specialties openings is normally not a good idea. It can be interrupted that you are not interested in the job that you are interviewing for.


How soon can I take vacation time off?

You don’t have the job yet and asking about time off is not a good idea. Many companies give you a list of benefits for you to review and this question is best discussed once you have an offer to negotiate.


The best way to be successful at your interview is to be prepared. Be ready with good questions and give them a great impression of your background and experience.


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