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The interviews are over; offer letter is signed and mailed back. And now begins – Credentialing

A big part of starting a new position when you are a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner is the credentialing process. Every time you move forward in your career, you have to get credentialed again. And it’s okay to admit you don’t like the process. It seems to take forever and there always seems to be just one more bit of information needed.

Essentially, this long painstaking process of verifying your history, education and experience so you can work at the hospital/practice. Though it is different for every hospital or facility as to their exact process and timeline, but here are a few basics to guide you to making it a little easier, and possibly faster process.

Every credentialing Organization is going to have an application to fill out. Get this done as soon as possible and make sure it is completed as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. You will also want to keep copies of other applications you have completed, this will serve as a good reference when filling out others. Having the past applications will help keep your information up to date as your career progresses.

You will need to also provide copies of your Undergraduate, Masters, Medical School, Residency diplomas and/or certificates. Be sure to always keep these easily accessible throughout your career, you will need to produce them every time and it can delay things if you need to request copies in the future. Keeping them all in a easy to access file box is a great way to have the information at your fingertips.

Along with the Completed Application and education diplomas you will also need to provide current copies of:

·             Board Certification

·             State license(s)

·             National Practitioner Identifier (NPI) Number

·             DEA / Controlled Substance Registrations

·             CPR / BLS

·             ACLS

·             Continuing Medical Education Certificates 

·             Certificates of Professional Liability Insurance if required

·             Copy of Driver’s License

·             Copy of your CV/Resume

·             Immunization Records

Make sure to check with your Credentialing Organization regularly to ensure you will not need anything additional, but this list should get you a bit more organized to begin the process with any organization. 

As you move forward in your career, you will want to keep a file with copies of all of the above to be current and up to date. In today’s technological world, it would also be beneficial to keep digital copies of everything as well. This would allow for quick and easy submission for new jobs along your career path.