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How to Resign and Keep Great Connections

how to quit job and keep connections

So, it’s that time at your job, huh? You have finally decided to move to a different organization, or perhaps start your own company. Well, the world is full of possibilities, and whatever you choose to do from now, there is good chance that you will succeed in it. However, as any seasoned professional or entrepreneur will testify, the network and connections you build over the course of your career are possibly your biggest assets. This includes your connections in your present job, whom you have cultivated over the years. You don’t just want to throw them away. So, here is how you can keep those great connections, even when you move on to greener pastures.

Do Not Surprise Them
Seriously. Nobody likes surprises in a professional setting. Not your boss; not your colleagues; not your subordinates. Before you put in the papers, first speak to your manager. Ask for his advice on how to go about this. Then speak to your colleagues and later to your subordinates. This will make them feel valued. They will remember it even after you have quit. Express your gratitude for the favors you received from them and do not forget to wish them well for their future.

Have a Good Reason
Yes, you might be disappointed with the salary. You may not like your superior. You may hate the hours. You could have any number of such reasons. But, they are not the type of reasons you want to share with your employers for the simple reason that your reasons can be interpreted very differently than what you intended. Saying “the salary is not enough” might mean “you are a bunch of cheap guys”. Ask yourself why you really want to quit the job. Your reason should be personal. For instance, they can reflect your career goals, and how your new job will help you achieve them. Or, you can give a personal reason like wanting to shift to the city where your spouse is employed. Your former employers are in themselves great connections. Additionally, they too have a lot of connections in your industry. Needless to say, being in their good books is sure to help your professional career.

Maintain Your Network
The clients that you have won for your present company are your assets as well, whether you are moving to a new or starting your own recruitment company. When you move on, it is perfectly fine to approach them on behalf of your new business or employer. Therefore, it is important to continue to have good relations with them. If you manage your professional relationships well today, it is definitely going to reap you good results in the future. Keep them apprised of your exit from the company. Set them up with another representative from your present employer to make the transition smooth for them. They will respect your work ethic, and will be happy to do business with you later.

Manage the Counter offer
This is the trickiest part of quitting a job. A lot of employers make counteroffers to retain their high performing employees. There is both success and risk involved in such counteroffers. You might end up with a better offer than what you were getting in the other job. On the other hand, consider the most important reasons as to why you are quitting the job, and if the new offer will solve those problems. If not, then you have to reject the offer, and herein lies the danger. You do not want to hurt the feelings of your employers. Tell them why it is not about the money, and more of a personal reason that is forcing you to shift. Also, use the conversation to ask them how you can help make the transition smooth for the company as well.