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4 Times Interviews Were Way Too Comfortable

too comfortable in interviews

We’ve all heard a few “horror” interview stories that make us think and wonder “they did what?” or “why”? How could someone who is clever, professional and mature, somehow decide to do THAT while giving an interview?

The most memorable one with our firm was one of our candidates that decided the company we sent her to was THE company for her, so much so, she decided to become really comfortable. So comfortable that she even took her shoes off in front of the new boss! Not only did she take off her shoes, but she also then sat in the chair cross legged to continue the interview. Yes, that happened. Sadly, she wasn’t asked back for a second interview.

This may be a cautionary tale and we wondered if there were any other times interviews took on a “too comfortable” atmosphere. So we swept through the internet and found a few other very interesting stories like ours. Below are the 4 more interviews where people got just a little too comfortable.

1) The Miscalculated Hug
This interviewee came to interview with a large company: “… in the end of a final round of interviews, the women in HR with whom I had been talking with continuously for the whole process invited me into her office to see how my overall meetings with the HR. The moment she started coming towards me, she began to put her arm up, indicating (from my point of view) as if she was about to come and give me a small nice-to-see-you hug (as we already started to know each other over the recent few weeks). To respond, I made myself ready for a hug back, but then I noticed she was only trying to close the door behind me. It was extremely embarrassing and unpleasant. “And then I was never called back by her She afterward.” Yikes! Hugs typically are getting a bit too comfortable in the job interview – never advisable.

2) The one with the internet sensation of 2013:
Sometimes the company likes you so much – they want to include you in company events even before the job offer! That was this person’s experience: “I was traveling by air to Florida for a 2-day job interview. When I arrive on the first day, about an hour after that I was taken to an all-staff meeting for an “exciting” announcement. You know what happened next? The marketing department announced the whole team would be making a Harlem Shake Video and everyone was required to participate!”

3) The Clueless Creature!
“My co-worker finds the applicant sitting with other people from our work at our kitchen table drinking a beer. With the beer in her hand she comes upstairs. She was wearing leggings for the interview! After she was done with the interview, we walked her downstairs, said goodbye and went back upstairs for about another hour. When we come back downstairs to leave for the day (around 9pm) THE GIRL WAS STILL THERE DRINKING! She was there until everyone left.” It’s never a good idea to “hang out” with the gang drinking after interviews … it’s too comfortable.

Pro Tip: Never get drunk at the job interview. Even if it’s a CEO position and everyone else is doing so.

4) Bringing Parents To The Job Interview:
This person shared their parent’s experience (we noticed the irony of this..) by relaying this story: “Not me, but my Dad one day told me a very wonderful story. He said when he was hiring for a technical position near London. There one guy come in for the job interview with an older gentleman. The applicant was in his mid-30s while with him was mid-50s guy. This person was seemingly his Dad. The guy who was actually there to be interviewed never spoke a single word, while on the other hand the man in his 50s comes in and the first thing he does is started trying to consult about pay. He had come in with the expectation that his son was going to be hired and the job was made for his son. With that thought they just needed to sort out the details on what his son was going to get for his job in terms of pay and benefits. My Dad then told them that he would be happy to restart the interview if the older man was willing to wait outside, but since candidate’s Dad was not going to be working there he had no reason to interview him as well. They declined the suggestion and left!” Be advised that bringing family into an interview is a little too comfortable and never a good idea!

We hope you enjoyed these stories for a little entertainment in your day and for we also hope that your next interview isn’t anything like these! To search for healthcare jobs nationally and have great interviews, take a look at our job listings here: Healthcare Jobs