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Best Salary Negotiation Tips

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You are looking forward to getting that new job but they didn’t offer you the salary that you were looking for. Now is the time to negotiate that salary, don’t wait until later. Negotiating a salary isn’t an easy task. Talking about money is difficult alone for many people. Use these tips to negotiate the salary you want.

Let Them Make The Initial Offer
Never give the number that you want first if you can avoid it. This allows you to get a general feel for the salary range that they are willing to offer you. It also gives you grounds to negotiate on. You don’t want to start the negotiation process before they are ready, so as hard as it is, just wait for them to start it.

Do Your Research
You should know what people with similar experience in similar job positions are getting paid. It is great if you can figure out this information about people who work at the company you are negotiating with. It gives you even better grounds to negotiate on. One tool for this is Glassdoor, a website and app that lets employees rate their employers, both past and present.

Don’t Be Rude About It
You might have viewed that low salary offer as a slap in the face to your experience, education, and training but it wasn’t. Any business that knows its business starts low and expects you to defend the salary that you want. Throughout the negotiation process you should be polite but willing to take a stand for what you need and want.

Don’t Get Personal
Your future employer doesn’t need to know why you need your salary, they need to know why you deserve it. Avoid bringing up the personal reasons that you need or want your salary. When you beg or give personal explanations for needing a salary it comes off as desperate and needy. Both are things that you don’t want your employer to think about you.

Be Flexible
Don’t be set in complete stone. You should have a number that you won’t go below and a number that you want. Remember that you are just starting with this company and you will have room to grow. They don’t know you yet and most companies have policies set forth for salary evaluation at the end of the year. Don’t forget to highlight what you do throughout the year in an unobtrusive way so that your boss knows that you have earned a salary raise.

Talk Full Compensation Package
You should make sure that you talk with your employer about your full compensation package. Compensations other than cash can help make up for a lower offer. For example, if you are in a higher level position a company car might be a perk. Discounts can also help to make up for a gap in what you were expecting and what you are being offered.

You are the only person who can determine whether or not a salary offer is right for you. Remember to be flexible when you are starting out at a company though. This looks good for you and gives you room to grow. Know when low is too low though, you need to worry about yourself.