Top 10 Attributes Physicians look for when hiring Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

1. Bedside manner. Ability to successfully act as a liaison between patients and doctors.

2. Integrity and a strong sense of ethics. Not afraid to ask for help when dealing with unknown variables.

3. Ability to be a team player. Work with different personalities and draw on the strengths of each person to make the overall team stronger.

4. Ability to soak up and retain information and apply that knowledge, combined with skills, in new work environment.

5. Flexibility within work schedule. Open to both clinic and/or OR-based positions. Ability to work with a demanding weekly schedule and/or call schedule.

6. Experience prior to PA and/or NP education in field of interest, whether paid or as a volunteer. (Physicians love to see value-added skill-sets in related fields.)

7. Stable work history, which is an indicator of workplace loyalty and dedication.

8. Topnotch communication skills, both verbal and written. Fluency with EMR.

9. Currently licensed in state where applying for position.

10. Ties to the area, i.e., family, undergraduate education, etc.

Survey from leading job board for Physician Assistants.