Volunteering – Giving Back and Feeling Good!

With most of us working 40+ hours weekly, finding ways to relieve stress is important. One great way is volunteering and  giving back to your community. And the interesting thing, is that volunteering can help you at work. It can improve your health, increase your passion and make you feel good.


Volunteering can have an amazing affect in your community and for you. It makes you feel happier and increases your self-confidence. There have been studies to prove this happiness effect.


The London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and found the more people volunteered, the happier they were.


Additional benefits include: you might make some new friends, learn a new skill or even advance your career. You just never know what can happen from giving a few hours of your time each month.

How do you decide where to volunteer?

For me it was easy, I had a beautiful sweet golden retriever and she became the perfect therapy dog.


The choices for you are endless – find something that interest you: schools, senior centers, community centers, museums, theaters, libraries, animal shelters and rescue organizations, service organizations, places of worship, veteran and military organizations just to name a few.


Volunteer Match is one site that can help you find opportunities in your area. There are other online sources to help as well. And with the holidays approaching there always opportunities to help.


myla and penny reading 2

Pictured: Penny our office mascot is a regular volunteer with Adrienne. Here’s she’s participating in a reading program at one of the Clearwater libraries. The two also visit an assisted living community every Friday at lunchtime.


If you love it, you will keep going back! So get out there and see how you can help in your community. Enjoy.