Advanced Practice Providers Job Interview Tips

What To Do After Your Interview

Your interview is done and you think it went well. What’s next?

Here are six things you should do after your interview:

Wait to call your friends or family – It’s a mistake to call from the elevator since you don’t know everyone in the company and just might say the wrong thing and ruin your chances. Wait to give them the details when you’re in your car.


Reflect on how the interview went – Honestly assess how you answered their questions. Gauge the reactions of the interviewers. Is there something you missed, could have said better or need to clarify? Recommend that you write down your thoughts and important details you discussed.


Did you like the job?  After meeting people in the company and getting a better sense of the job duties and the people you would be working with, is this the job you want and is it the right fit for you?


Thank you note to seal the deal – You should have collected business cards from the people you interviewed with. Writing thank you notes is important. It is surprising how many people do not write follow up thank you notes. You can send an email or handwritten note, whichever you choose, send the note the same day of the interview or no later than the following morning. Be sure to personalize each note and cover something unique that you discussed and why you are the right person for the job. See our thank you note blog post for more tips on this important step.


Follow-up – During the interview, you asked about their timeline and the decision process and now with that information you should be proactive and follow up. Email or call 3- 5 business days after the interview. Make the contact brief – you’re just checking in to find out how the process is going. Be polite, professional. This keeps you in their mind.


Have Patience – Waiting to hear back on their decision can feel like forever and is stressful. Your instinct might be to call daily or keep emailing. Don’t. It’s a process and it takes time.


These tips will help you stand out and will improve your chances of moving forward in the process. However, no matter how great this job might be, you have not gotten an offer yet, so you need to keep up your job hunt while you wait to see if the offer comes through.