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What To Do When Your New Job Becomes a Nightmare

You had terrific interviews, onboarding and orientation was a breeze and you liked everyone you’ve met. Perfect job, right? Wrong! After a few months you realize this isn’t the job they said it would be – more patients, changed shifts and the people, not as easy going as you thought. Your great job is now a nightmare job that you want to escape.


What should you do? Create a plan of action, a way to get out but still keeping  your career intact.


Steps to escape a nightmare job:

  1. Write down what’s bothering you about the job and then talk to a friend about your concerns to be sure you’re not overacting to being the ‘new person’
  2. Try having a little patience – it can take several months to feel comfortable at a new job so be sure that’s not what your problem is.
  3. Decide if you have to leave right away or if you can last for a year (it always looks better if you’re there for at least a year). If you don’t stay a year or more, be prepared to explain why.
  4. Restart your search – when you’re ready, begin a job search. Start updating your network of contacts that you’re on the market again and view assorted job boards for the latest openings.
  5. Prepare – update your resume, interview prep including a good answer to why you’re leaving, without being too negative.
  6. Don’t lose your confidence – it’s not your fault, you thought it was a great job, it wasn’t. Move forward and find your next position.


Let what you learned from this experience assist you while you interview for your next job. Ask more questions, speak with current and former employees about their experiences, see if you can visit for a half a day and shadow so you can get a true picture about the day to day of the job.


When done right, a nightmare can became a dream, just take the time to think the process out.